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Body found in Bloomington, Illinois

Update:  The body found in Bloominton, Illinois has been identified as Jean Kelly, 57, of Minier, Illinois.  Jean was last heard of in September.  She had been living with her sister and her sister’s husband for six years, and then told her sister she was going to visit her brother in Indiana.  She called a week later and said her car was at a gas station in Bloomington.  The ar was located at Walmart with Jean’s belongings inside.

Original story:  A body has been found in brush, near a harvested cornfield in Bloomington, Illinois on Monday afternoon.  The body was badly decomposed and had been identified as a woman.

The body was found around 1:00 p.m. near Valley View Drive and JC Parkway, west of Wylie Drive.  The body was badly decomposed and had been identified as a woman.  According to the Pantagraph, the McLean County Coroner Beth Kimmerling said based on missing persons reports she had an idea who the person was, but would wait for confirmation, before saying.  Although she did say the person was not local.

“She had been there for quite some time,” said Kimmerling.

The body did not show any obvious signs of trauma.  The Medical Examiner will use dental records and DNA to identify the body.

Going over my own list of missing from Illinois, I come up with Kathy Christensen from North Chicago, who has been missing since April or Bonnie Woodward missing since June, 2010.

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  1. Hi Jerri,

    They identified the woman in Blooming, IL as Jean Kelly, 57, missing since September for Miniers, IL.

    Jerri, do you still show Kathy Christensen as an active missing? I can't find anything on her!

    Angela Montgomery
    Illinois Missing

  2. weren't there two bodies found that day? One in a field, one in a house? I thought of Tonia Stiles when I heard this…

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