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One of America’s children is missing. Where is Jahessye?

UPDATE:Jurors on Monday convicted Jerice Hunter of abusing and killing her 5-year-old daughter, Jhessye Shockley, in what was the culmination of a missing-persons case that began in September 2012 with the Glendale mother’s arrest. 

Jerice maintains that Jahessye is still alive.

UPDATE: Police in Arizona say they believe the Jahessye’s body was discarded in a Tempe dumpster and may be in a local landfill.

“We believe Jhessye Shockley’s body was placed in a trash receptacle located in the city of Tempe prior to the report of Jhessye’s disappearance,” said Glendale Police Officer Tracey Breeden. “Our investigators know that trash from this location is removed to a transfer station and ultimately taken to the Butterfield Landfill located south of the valley.”

Update:  One day after posting this, the Glendale Police Dept. had a press conference.  I do not know if my post was read, as many of the media and police do read my posts, or if my post was just one of many that saw the GPD was scaling down their search for Jahessye Shockley.  

Kudo’s to GPD, Cmdr. Rick St. John who spoke at the press conference.  It was interesting to hear him say that he told his detectives to keep their personal bias to themselves.  If you would like to see that video, you can click here.  I wonder if someone brought the case to his attention and he was surprised to see how his detectives were handling the case and stepped in to make sure that all was done for Jahessye.  Thanks you, Cmdr. St. John.

Original story below:

One of America’s children is missing.

Think about that for a second.  One American child is missing.

Doesn’t that affect you?

As American adults, we think about our American children.  Not just ours, but all of them.  We feel a sense of responsibility for children.

Our ancestors thought of them when they built this nation.  We think of them and future children as we build America’s legacy.  We feel protective of children and guide our own, and even other people’s children.  So to hear that one of them is missing, can’t help but affect each and everyone of us.

When I read that the Glendale Police Dept. is scaling down their search for missing 5-year-old Jahessye Shockley, I just didn’t understand it.  I would think that they would be increasing the number of people that would be searching for her, even going out and asking for volunteers if need be to find this child.

I do understand they have tried to find her.  They gave it all they had and they looked everywhere, but I think they need to continue to look, not scale down the search and eventually give up.

Jahessye is an American child, not a lost kitten.  She should not be given up on.  The search should get bigger and louder until everyone recognizes her and knows she is one of America’s lost children.

The police should be broadening their search, reaching out to all police agencies and government agencies and American people and  broadcast her disappearance as often as they broadcast pharmaceutical commercials on TV, and let the nation know they have lost a child.

Explain to me, how the police, who have said the parents are not suspect, can scale back and eventually just give up on actively searching for her.   Someone knows where she is.

Please Glendale Police Dept. tell the citizens in your town, tell your fellow American’s  what you want us to do, because we will do it.  We will help you look for her.

Glendale Police Dept., I know you have searched tireless for this little girl, but just look at her momma’s face, and get back out there and look some more…please.

Just one of American’s children missing, is one to many.

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  1. I think it is ridiculous and they should call in pro's. I have not followed very much but if this is not parental then other kids will be at risk. The police really need to resolve this.

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