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Body language expert talks about Baby Lisa’s parents

Dr. Drew had an expert talk about the body language that Deborah Bradley, missing Kansas City baby Lisa Irwin’s mother had during her interview with Good Morning America.

The show brought up when Deborah responded when asked about her failing the lie detector test.

Mark Edgar Stephens, a body language specialist says that Deborah may have not have been lying, but she had an extreme emotion about it.

Stephens also analyzed Jeremy Irwin and points out that when he says the word, “no,” you can see him swallow hard, and he had a tightening of the lips.  Stephens says that could mean he is very nervous or are concerned about what may actually come out of his mouth.

Stephen’s also said that when Jeremy talks about spending every waking moment together with Deborah, he has a micro expression, and smiles.  Stephens thought it was interesting to see that during the emotional and tumultuous time that Jeremy is going through.

So bottom line, there may or may not be anything suspicious going on.

Dr. Drew is on HLN weeknights 9:00 p.m. ET and PT.

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