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Lisa Irwin: Out comes the carpet

Authorities in hazmat suits carried out what appears to be a roll of carpet out of the home of missing baby Lisa Irwin.  The investigators also carried out several large paper bags.  The search that started Wednesday, ended after 17 hours.  (Later it was found that the carpet did NOT come from the home, but actually came from the garage.)

A no fly zone was issued overhead during the investigation and police also searched the yard using rakes and shovels, and in the afternoon an arson truck showed up.

Brad Garrett and ABC News consultant, told Good Morning America that the police were looking for “materials, whether they be generic like DNA, hairs and fibers, or organisms like leaves, dirt, to compare to something they have.”

Joe Tacopina says the police have been able to come and go as they please and doesn’t understand why the police got a search warrant.

Kansas City Police Dept. Capt. Steve Young told ABCNEWS, “We felt this time, since they had retained an attorney, we would go to a judge to make sure there was no confusion over our legal right to be there.”

At this writing, I have not found anything from Tacopina that says he was hired (retained) by anyone.  If you know, or have a link, contact me.

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