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Lisa Irwin: Cadaver dog hits in parent’s bedroom

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With a witness saying he say a man carrying a baby and the cadaver dog alerting in the house, the case of missing Lisa Irwin becomes even more confusing.

According to the Kansas City Star, a dog that is trained to detect the scent of a dead person, alerted to an area of the floor in the parent’s bedroom near the bed on Monday.

The information comes from an affidavit filed in Clay County Circuit Court on Friday.

Evidently, this was the reason the police went to a Judge and asked for a search warrant, and probably why a big piece of carpet was taken out of the house. (Later it was found that the carpet was not taken out of the house that the carpet they are seen carrying was taken out of a garage.)

The police wanted what was on the affidavit sealed from public view, but the Judge denied the request, allowing the public to know a little bit more of what is going on with this case.

The public also gets to know what the police had inside the paper bags they took out of the house:  purple shorts, multi-colored Disney character shirt, multi-colored comforter, glow worm toy, rolls of tape and tape dispense and a “Cars” themed blanket. (Deborah had told the police that Lisa was wearing purple shorts and a purple t-shirt)

So, here we have a man who says he saw a baby the same night Lisa disappeared and the police saying a cadaver dog alerted in the bedroom.  Click here to watch the video.   So, how could both of these things be true?

One of my readers brought of something very interesting, “I think the man walking was taking the baby to hide her body if she’s deceased,” said Christine.

A very interesting theory, and plausible, but then again, would anyone be that brazen to walk down the street with a dead child?

Probably as brazen as walking down the street with a live baby with no blanket or clothing, other than a diaper.  In other words, no right-minded person would.  If a child was already dead, there would be no need for clothing, but you would think a person would want to cover up the obvious.  No matter how you look at it, clothed or not, dead or alive, why would anyone be walking down the street at 4:00 a.m. with an almost-naked baby.  Plus, adding on the fact that when have you ever heard of something like this happening before, making it a very unusual sighting, unusual enough that it would seem to fit that it would have been Lisa.  Baby missing + man walking with unclothed baby = Baby Lisa

When you read Cadaver dog “hit” inside house, you can’t help but think that something terrible happened to Lisa, but their are cases of false positives that occur.  This is why it is necessary to bring in more than one dog.  Dogs have average success rates, that rank around 75-90%. The McCanns’ attorney convinced a judge in Wisconsin that certain dogs were accurate just 22 percent to 38 percent of the time, and the prosecution claimed a success rate of 60 percent to 69 percent.

Dog are trained in two ways presently, exposing them to either actual human remains, like blood, teeth, bones or with a pseudo-scent, an artificial substance that re-creates the death odor.

A handler can NOT go to court and say, “Yes, my dog knows there was a body there,” but he can say that his dog gave an indication consistent with human decomposition.”  Following up an alert with forensic testing is essential.  Which explains why the police had no choice, but to take out the carpeting, so they could go over it.  Please read this article about the carpet.  New information has come out. A reported was inside the house and showed that the carpet is still in the bedroom.  This is where the police said the dog alerted, so the fact the carpet is still there is curious. 

I heard today that the police are also using a swab elimination test, to eliminate Deborah, Jeremy or even the kids smell from baby Lisa’s.

The only way we are going to know if the authorities find anything on the stuff they took out of the house or in the carpet, is to wait.  New information comes out that the carpet was never removed from the bedroom where the police said the dog alerted and the carpet was actually removed from the garage area, but it was never taken and left behind.  Click here to read.  Once the authorities go over the carpet with a fine-toothed comb they will  know which, but we will probably never hear the outcome, unless it leads to an arrest, which  Deborah Bradley said weeks ago was going to happen.

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