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Devin Frenette: Parents of runaway boy appear in court

Devin Frenette, 9, the boy that was the center of two separate searches in Hampstead, New Hampshire after he ran away from home twice, is now in protective custody.

Devin had been missing for 30 hours when he was finally found under the neighbor’s bed.

New Hampshire officials wanted to know why Devin was a habitually runaway.  Devin has runaway from home twice before the last two times this month.

Mark and Kerrilyn Frenette, Devin’s parents were summoned to court on Wednesday by the Dept. of Children and Family.  Since it was a juvenile matter, what happened during the hearing was not disclosed, but Lt. John Frazier did say, “The decision that was made yesterday was to put he child in protective custody given the circumstances of the prior incident seven days earlier.”

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