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Lisa Irwin: Megan Wright starts her own Facebook page to answer questions

Megan Wright has become the center of attention surrounding the missing baby Lisa Irwin case.  Megan Wright’s cell phone was called the night that Lisa went missing from a cell phone belonging to Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, that was allegedly stolen that same night.


Megan has spoken to CNN and told them that she never received the 50-second cell phone call because the phone was not in her procession, but was upstairs.  Megan believes that after talking to other people that were in the house the same times she was in October, that a man named Dane was the one that answered her phone.  Dane is Dane Lee Dane is Greathouse aka DJ Diggler.  Megan was told by a person that she does not name that Dane was receiving so many phone calls from Megan’s phone that they were not able to use the phone to send an email.

So, does that mean, that Dane knows who the 50-second phone call was from and possible even talked to them?  Dane did talk to the police shortly after Lisa went missing, but has since then left the home he was staying at, and no one knows his whereabouts.  There has been no reports that the police are looking for him to speak to him again about this new information that Megan has brought out.

Megan Wright started a Facebook page to answer any questions that the public would like to ask her, after becoming frustrated with all the repeated questions she was getting.

“I’m so tired of struggling to answer questions, people asking the same questions etc. , It’s getting a little too absurd for me,” said Megan.

I just hope that Megan is tough, as she will come to realize that many people and those are the people that don’t have all the facts and do a lot of assuming (I know this from the personal attacks I have had to endure on this blog) will be hounding her and personally attacking her on the page, and she may find in the beginning that the criticism will out number the support.

She may find what she thought at first was a good idea, of creating the Facebook page, will tun out to be too hurtful to continue, as people with no filtering system in place, will use her to let out the frustrations of their own lives.

You can also check out this video that shows you whose who in this case.

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