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Kathryn Sholly Seefeldt: Missing 12-year-old is now 21

Kathryn Sholly Seefelt, left her home on the 19000 block of 18th Street North in Independence, Missouri on Oct 13, 2002, when she was 12 years old, and now the authorities are reopening her case.
Age Progressed photo

The last sighting of Kathryn was at a party at a Independence apartment complex.  She has not been seen since.  Kathryn would now be 21 years old. 

Kathryn has blue eyes and a small scar on the bridge of her nose from chicken pox.  She had on gothic clothing and  makeup when she was last seen.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call 816-474-TIPS.

4 thoughts on “Kathryn Sholly Seefeldt: Missing 12-year-old is now 21

  1. i cannot believe that there are alot of missing, it's really crazy. i feel so bad for there family's. i have a 9 year old daughter and if she would get kiddnapped, i would be very devastated. why are there so many crimes?

    a caring father,
    mr. duane s. white
    from; lebanon, pa.

    ps. god bless all the missing kids and there families as well.

  2. if you know anything please call she left things that led me to believe she talked her most inner feelings with you or tex 8168071390 pleaease im dying and i gotta know what was going on in her head
    then please sholly seefeldt

    1. OH my goodness Sholly! I am so sorry I am just now seeing this message. I swear to you Kadie never told me where she was going. If she had I would’ve told and I think she knew I would tell you so she didn’t tell me anything. I really wish she had. I think about her all the time. I hope your family is doing well. 🙁

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