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Lisa Irwin: Man who had phone when 50-second call came in speaks

Dane and his father both acknowledge that he indeed had the phone that received the 50-second phone call from the missing cell phones of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin.
Ron Rugen the Kansas City private investigator found out through an anonymous source that Dane Greathouse had Megan Wright’s phone.  Dane was Megan’s roommate at the time, when the 50-second phone call came in that evening.  Rugen also contacted me and told me that Dane had returned to Kansas City yesterday after being on a hunting trip.  Dane said he did not know that anyone wanted to talk to him.”The truth will rise to the top.  I have no connection with Megan Wright or the missing child,” said Dane, according to NBC Action News.Dane had been interviewed by the police in October.  Whether he told them he had Megan Wright’s phone at that time is unknown.

“Sure he did have the phone, yeah.  He was at the house.  I’ll give you that,” said Dane’s father. “Why don’t you investigate the girl, and her boyfriend.  You guys are like taking this girl’s word for everything.”

I am pretty sure that Dane’s father was referring to Megan Wright.

Dane did not answer whether he answered the 11:57 p.m. phone call specifically, but he did say he had contacted the police and they told him to not talk to the media.  Keep in mind, the 11:57 p.m. call allegedly went to Verizon’s call center because Bradley’s phone could not connect with other phones because of nonpayment.

“I’m a good person who has been thrown in a mess of lies and finger pointing,” Dane said.

We’ll Dane, no one is pointing their finger at you.  We just want to know if you answered the 50-second phone call, and if you did, who was it?  That’s all.

Dane was heard to say that he has a warrant.  Whether the police will enforce it, will remain to be seen.

If Dane did answer the phone call and he can identify who it was that answered, it may be the break that this case needs.

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