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Lisa Irwin: Teen denies kidnap rumor

Ron Ptacek from NBC Action News tracked down the teen who allegedly heard Jersey (John Tanko) say that he was paid $300.00 to take missing baby Lisa, thanks to Ron Rugen.

According to Ptacek, the teen said he never said it, “he said there was never, ever an admission of guilt [from Jersey},” said Ron Ptacek.

“I told someone, I was like, ‘Jersey was the kind of person where you could say here’s $300 take care of this baby and he would have done it’…that’s all I’ve said.  I haven’t seen Jersey since weeks before all this happened actually,” said the teen.

This is contradictory to what John Picerno the attorney for Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, the parent’s of missing baby Lisa, said to Megyn Kelly.  Picerno said,  “What I heard from the girl, first hand, when I interviewed her, was that ‘for $300.00 he helped get her.'”

So, how can a big time lawyer get this so messed up?  Particularly from someone whose profession is to get his facts right? Well, we don’t know right now, but maybe Picerno only talked to the mother and her daughter and never talked to the teen that Ptacek tracked down, and somewhere along the line there was some mis-communication.

Or maybe, Picerno didn’t think anyone was going to go to the trouble to track down the teen, like Ron Ptacek did.

Ptacek said when he asked Picerno about it, he said, “I’m on vacation out of town.”

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