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Lisa Irwin: Vigil’s stopped and psychic interviewed by Megyn Kelly

Many of you already know that the group, Lisa’s Angels as been asked to stop holding their candlelight vigils in front of the home of missing baby Lisa Irwin of Kansas City, Missouri.

They have been holding the vigils since October 4th.  The attorney’s said:

“Vigils by a large number of people on their front lawn is a spectacle, disturbing to their neighbors, and disruptive, especially to their young sons, in their attempt to return to as normal a family life as possible under the circumstances,” said Jon Picerno and Joe Tacopina in an email on Wednesday, according to Reuters.

I also wanted to talk about Megyn Kelly from Fox News interviewed with self-proclaimed psychic Stephanie Almaguer on Wednesday, about her “vision” she had on the whereabouts of Lisa Irwin that prompted a group to search in that area last week.

Almaguer believes that baby Lisa drowned in the family bathtub and was then placed on the parent’s bedroom floor as attempts were made to revive the infant’s lifeless body. After attempts failed,  the baby was buried in a shallow grave not far from the family’s home.

“She’s in a hole, and it was a hole that carried water,” said Almaguer.
Fox News said they confirmed that the police are planning to investigate the location that Almaguer described but as of today, no word when that would happen.

Fox News has garnished a lot of criticism for speaking with a psychic than to stay with verified facts on the case.

On May 2011, Almaguer did a tape for the All American Family.  In the video she talks about her family and Almaguer has had her own share of criticism.  Many are saying she read other’s thoughts on the missing baby Lisa case on the internet and stating they were her own “visions”.

On May 2011, Almaguer did several audition tapes for what she calls, All American Family that will be on MTV.  In one video she talks about her family and says,  “my family is like a modern day Roseanne Show….we are not fake.”

Another Almaguer video here

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