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Candice Shields: Missing from Graham

UPDATE:  2/21/13 – Authorities say a second person is now charged in the murder of Candice Shields.

Lajuana Shunta Long, 22,  was arrested on Wednesday and charged with murder.

UPDATE:  Jeremy Thornburg has been arrested in connection with Candice’s disappearance.  Read more here.  

Candice Shields, 20, was last seen at her grandparents house, Johnny and Diana Salines on the 1300 block of Pearl Street in Graham, Texas on December 10.

Candice gathered her things and was heading to bed the evening she disappeared.  She was to start a new job at Wahtaburger in Graham the following morning.

When Johnny got up in the night he saw that Candice was gone.  The back door was unlocked.

Candice was three months pregnant and she took no clothes or personal items.  She left her cell phone, purse, money and ID behind.

No one in the neighborhood saw or heard anything.  One neighbor that has three Dachshunds that bark, did not make a sound.

Candice was wearing a black hood, black sweatpants with an Xbox logo and white Nikes.

Candice was also recently threatened by the ex-girlfriend of a man she was dating, Jeremy Thornburg.  Jeremy posted on FB –

well FB im really worried and stressing out because today i found out my girlfriend and future mother of my child has disappeared and no one has heard from her i just have to stay positive and hope for the best if anyone knows anything of her where abouts please inform me or her family”

The authorities identified who the person was and talked with her and she denied making threats.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Candice, please call the Graham Police Dept at 549-6441.

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