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Jamie Adams and Seeking the Lost

Here’s is the new poster for Jamie Adams.  Seeking the Lost does a nice job on MP posters.  You have probably seen many of these posters for other MP’s that look similar because they have all been done my Seeking the Lost.  Here is their  Facebook page.  Seeking the Lost creates posters for families of MP’s that can be downloaded and distributed.  I believe they are setting the standard for posters that are organized, and eye-catching. 

I also wanted to update info coming out about Jamie Adams from her husband, Justin Adams.  NewsOk says:  

“Irven Box
, the husband’s attorney, said his client initially was leery of speaking with police because Jaymie Adams was “involved with some kind of online prostitution … on Craiglist, I think.”

“He was trying to protect her, initially, because of that,” Box said of his client. “But yes, we think all of this may have to do with Craigslist … or someone she met there.”

Jaymie is not close with her family, so this story is tough to validate, and the her family seems to be staying quiet about the whole matter.  No statement from the police either.

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