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Haley Wilson: Dad posts touching video searching for daughter

Ray Wilson, from Armarillo, Texas, realized that his daughter, Haley, who is 17-years-old, had run away on December 26, wen he saw that her car was gone.  He also saw her guitar and bedding and a few small things were gone, too, along with a note that said,

“It’s because you care, and there’s nothing going for me.  I love you more than you know, you’ll get my good bye.  All my loving’. I will send 2u.  Don’t look for me, dad.  I know you go to the end of the world for me – but you won’t find me. Plz.”

Ray was devastated. He knew that children eventually leave the nest, but he didn’t want it to happen so soon and like this.  He was hoping that he could help Haley find her own place and help her move in.

The only clues that Ray has is a map left behind in her room with Humboldt and Arcata, California and Bisbee, Arizona highlighted, which are three known locations  that is visited by hippies pursuing a lifestyle with community support, called Hippie Havens.

Haley did leave behind her cell phone, which is one of the first thing you do when you want to disappear and don’t want to be found.

Ray asks for only one thing, for anyone watching the video to pass it along and pray.  “I just want her to be found safe,” said Ray.

If you see Haley, please call the police at 806-378-3038, and if you actually talk to her, can you show her, her dad’s video.  It might just prompt her to call home. 

Haley Faith Wilson is 5’6″ tall, 120 pounds and is driving a 2003 Silver Ford Focus ZTW Station Wagon wit plates CZ4PO44.

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