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Haley Faith Wilson: Dad says daughter posted she is okay on Facebook

Update: The police pulled over Haley in Carlsbad, California (San Diego County) on Tuesday.   Her dad will be flying in to meet her there. 

I had heard rumors that Haley Faith Wilson, 17, the daughter of Ray Wilson, who posted an infamous video asking for help to find her, was posting on Facebook.  I tried to contact her directly through Facebook, but she has so many friends request I was not able to do that, so I tracked down her dad.  He confirmed early this morning she has been posting on Facebook:

“She did post that she was ok but no luck knowing where she is yet.”- Jan 02, 6:01 AM

I was very happy to hear that. 

Late last night the rumors that began to percolate earlier in the day surrounding this story had hit an all time high.  People are stating that this whole thing was staged to promote Ray’s band, The Texas Heat.  Some are even comparing this to the “the balloon boy” incident where a father said his son had been carried away in a home-made balloon when he actually was hiding in a shed per his dad instructing him to.

 I have seen rumors surrounding missing persons before that start with a sentence and become a whole story in itself.  Pretty soon, the rumor becomes a fact and the rumor becomes the story, instead of the missing person,  while people debate whether it is true or not.

First, it would have to be established that Ray and Haley were both willingly working together to stage a stunt, as Haley is not a small child.  Could Ray influence her into hiding out, while he subtly promoted his song,” Misty Waters” that is playing in the background of his YouTube video?  Could he get her to write a note, post it and leave it behind, along with a map, before she goes out into the great big world.  I doubt it.

But, people on the internet can be mean and many times much more meaner than people you meet face to face, because they are able to judge, pick and generally terrorize you while hiding behind the guise of their computer avatar. 

I contacted Ray and asked if he would was aware of the rumor and would like to dispel it.  Hopefully he will reply.

I have posted several stories about Haley. Please type Haley Wilson into the search above and you will see all the articles listed or click on a link below. 

Dec 30, 2011
Haley Wilson: Dad posts touching video searching for daughter. Ray Wilson, from Armarillo, Texas, realized that his daughter, Haley, who is 17-years-old, had run away on December 26, wen he saw that her car was gone.
Jan 04, 2012
Message posted from Haley Wilson, Ray Wilson’s daughter. “This is from Haley – “There’s never a good excuse to hurt those you love, but I left Amarillo because of myself. I wasn’t making good decisions but I wasn’t stopping

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  1. I have been following this story for a while. I had no idea until reading this that the music in the background is played by his band. In fact I muted my sound so I never heard the song. Why must people presume such things without all the facts?

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