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Cassie Cotta: Body found, husband arrested

Brent Cotta and Cassie

Cassie Cotta found, husband arrested.

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The body of Cassie Cotta, 24, the missing woman from Fort Smith, Arkansas that disappeared Dec. 30th was found.

Cassie’s body was found in a rural area of Crawford County on Tuesday afternoon.

Cassie’s husband, Brent Cotta was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with her death.

Authorities did say that Cotta helped them find Cassie’s body after they kept questioning him because of inconsistencies in his story and they also found evidence in their home that was related to her disappearance.

Police also reported there had been domestic disturbance calls made to the couples home in the month prior, and Brent was arrested for assault and battery.

A search Tuesday afternoon was joined by Brent  where he stated, “We just want her to come home safe and that’s what we are all focused on.”

It appears he knew all along that she was no longer alive.


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