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Open message to Haley Wilson

 Message posted from Haley Wilson, Ray Wilson’s daughter.

“This is from Haley – “There’s never a good excuse to hurt those you love, but I left Amarillo because of myself. I wasn’t making good decisions but I wasn’t stopping myself either. I left so my decisions wouldn’t hurt those I love. I’m sorry I hurt so many people by leaving but I was hoping that pain would leave with me.””
My Message to Haley 
We were all young once ourselves. We know how it feels to sometimes just want to run away from it all….in fact, you will find that it will cross your mind again, once or twice, as you grow up, but by then you will be an adult. And instead of running away, you will stay, talk, and work it out, because you will know that you can not runaway from life.

I want you to know, that no one ever judged you for running away, and the worry that we had, the desperation we felt, as we hoped and prayed and posted and shared that you were missing, was because we know what a dangerous world it can be for a sweet young lady, like yourself.

When your dad posted you were found, a collective sign of relief and a cheer of joy was expressed, because for a short period of time, you were not only Ray’s daughter, you were ours.

Believe me, Haley, you will have plenty of time to travel this world. Plenty of time to find yourself, but for now, give yourself a chance to grow up under the care of your family and friends and a dad, that moved heaven and earth to find you.

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