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Beth Bentley: Missing mother of three from Illinois FOUND

Beth Bentley

Missing Person Illinois

UPDATE 10/23/2019 – The remains found in Illinois have been positively identified to belong to Benedetta “Beth” Bentley.  No information as to where exactly the remains were found, and no comment on the cause and manner of Beth’s death.  The next step in this case as not been divulged by law enforcement.

UPDATE 12/15/17 –  Human remains were found on December 4, 2017.  The llinois State Police  announced that “information was developed.” The information led them to a rural location in Jefferson County where remains, “badly burned,” were located, along with other evidence.  The authorities are working on if there is a connection to the case of missing Beth Bentley.  

Update: Police charged Beth’s best friend, Jennifer Wyatt with obstructing justice, according to STLT Today news.

Woodstock police now say Wyatt spoke with Bentley two days later. Charging documents also alleged that Wyatt lied when she said she dropped Bentley off at the train station. (see comment below).

Wyatt, 38, was released from the McHenry County Jail on Tuesday afternoon after posting the required 10 percent of her $7,000 bond. She was interviewed and arrested by Woodstock police Monday.

 Update:  An anonymous person has posted a comment at the end of this article with more information.
Jennifer Wyatt


I have a special request for readers in the Illinois area.  Beth Bentley, a mother of three boys has been missing for over a year, and I would like, with your help to bring renewed interest to her case.

I just learned about her case from a reader, Allison, who noticed that Beth was not posted on the MPofA site.  After I read Beth’s story, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t there either.

I am hoping that we can renew the interest in this case and possible get the media to look at it again, and not just for Beth or her husband but for her three boys that have no idea what has happened to their mother.

Benedetta “Beth” Bentley has been missing since May 23, 2010 from Centralia, Illinois.

Beth was supposed to be going to away for the weekend and her friend took her to the Amtrack Train Station in Centralia, Illinois to drop her off.  But, neither Amtrak nor passengers remembered seeing her.

Beth was a mother of three and she was to return the next day from her trip but she never arrived, and Beth’s phone has not been used since May 23, 2010.

So, there is two ways you can help.  Share on Facebook and emails AND if you are in the area, go to Beth’s website, and register for “Miles for Beth Bentley” and adopt a street.  Then go to that street and pass out posters door to door letting the public know that Beth is missing.  Check out the link and also forward it to anyone else in Illinois that you know that would be willing to register for the cause.  Thanks!!

3 thoughts on “Beth Bentley: Missing mother of three from Illinois FOUND

  1. Thank you for posting about Beth. She was my best friend when we were younger and I can't believe this has happened to her. I want to clarify some of your information:
    From your post, “Beth was suppose to be going to away for the weekend and her friend took her to the Amtrack Train Station in Centralia, Illinois to drop her off. But, neither Amtrak nor passengers remembered seeing her.”

    Beth is from Woodstock, IL. She had gone away on a trip with a friend to Mt. Vernon, IL for a long weekend. Beth rented a car for she and her friend to go on the trip. On the day they were to return home, according to the friend, travel plans changed. The friend states that she took Beth to Centralia, IL to drop her off at the Amtrak station to come back home to Woodstock by train. The friend has stated her reasoning for doing this was because she wanted to stay an extra day with her boyfriend and Beth wanted to get home. The thing is, the boyfriend was coming back the next day anyway, and surely could have given his girlfriend a ride, rather than Beth leaving HER rental car with her friend. That has NEVER made any sense to me. Furthermore, no one saw Beth at the Amtrak station. Not passengers, not the conductor who were interviewed by police. There is no record of Beth purchasing a ticket for the train. When Beth called her husband that afternoon, she mentioned she would be home later that night, but never mentioned that her travel plans had changed and she would be taking the train. Major red flag.

    You also say, “”She was the most outgoing person and she would give you the shirt off her back,” said Ron Bentley.”

    Her father is Ron Rogers and her brother is Ron Michaelson. I'm not sure where you got this quote or who said it, but there is no Ron Bentley. Thanks.

  2. Well this sheds a whole new light on this story so thank you Anonymous for clarifying.

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