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Jaymie Adams: Body of missing Blanchard woman found

The body of Jamie Adams, 25, from Blanchard, Oklahoma that has been missing since December 10 has been found.

She was found near a dirt bike track near Lake Stanley Draper, by bikers using the track.

Jaymie went missing after she did not return from a trip to Walmart.  Her, husband Justin Adams found Jaymie’s van in a McDonald’s parking lot early the next morning.

Court documents revealed that Justin told police that his wife, Jaymie was two months pregnant with their fifth child and she had actually gone to meet a client from a Craigslist ad she had posted for a massage therapist, which, according to Justin was a cover, as she was actually trading sex for money.  Adams also stated that they would also meet other swingers on Craigslist.

Justin also told authorities that he had gone into the McDonald’s and a clerk said he had seen Jaymie, but the clerk told the police that he had not, and she was not seen on any surveillance video.


4 thoughts on “Jaymie Adams: Body of missing Blanchard woman found

  1. There are only three types of women in that area: the saint-in church 24/7; the whore-hooker, barfly,non-virgin; the super duper undercover agent investigating anyone not conforming to the groupings allotted by the masses.

  2. I typically offer no help. They use missing people as a guise to extort money from people out of the serial killer on the loose platform to explain why they can break and enter and operate their psychobabble crap on all the woman.

    Not too long ago I was asked about an unknown truck driving into a dead end field. I told the women he was probably a serial killer and took the field since her street is a dead end and no respectable serial killer wants someone seeing his plate number. If they did, then the whole truck driver scenario would be null and void. Lol!

  3. You obviously must be from the area judging from your moniker. Lol! They always know what everyone's problem is. Just more whining and therapy will cure it all. They even teach this at the state level. If one of them call you out under the guise of making a living, then dumps on you and trys to court you even though that person is married, it's an indication of why they always know everyone's problem. Too bad teaching bad psychology isn't illegal no more than their extortion rings.

    Had her vehicle been found a cross the street, there would be an entirely different investigation going on.Home of the whine and moan, they'd rely heavily on their break and enter crowd and laugh at anyone trying to help.

    At least with no help they don't have to go through that. That's why they have these missing persons blogs where they can operate unseen and unheard

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