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Stacey English and Phoenix Coldon are their disappearances related?

Stacey’s body was found in 2012

UPDATE Feb 2012:  Stacey’s body was found in a wooded area under a tree about a mile from where her car was found.

“The most likely cause of Stacey English’s death is cold exposure (hypothermia) complicating underlying neurological and psychiatric disorders,” reads a press release from the medical examiner. “Because cold exposure is an external, environmental condition, the manner of death has been classified as accident.”

Original story:  The media is reporting that the cases of two African American women that have disappeared nine days apart may be related.

Stacey English from Atlanta, Georgia and Phoenix Coldon from St. Louis, Missouri are both missing, and there are similarities about their disappearances.

Phoenix’s Chevy Blazer was found with it’s engine running and was impounded.   It was found the evening of the day that she went missing on 9th and St. Claire in East St. Louis, on December 18.

“We were never officially notified the car was towed.  We found out through friends of the family.  The car is in my name.  All they had to do was run the license plate,” said Goldia Coldon, Phoenix’s mother.

Stacey’s car was found, on the same day she went missing, with the engine running.  It was also towed, but 10 days would go by before it was realized the car had been towed.

Goldia Coldon said the eerie similarity between the two cases has not escaped the attention of police or support groups for missing persons.

But after reading the police report for Stacey, I have come to the conclusion that these two cases are not related, and I will explain why.

In the police report it says that one of Stacey’s friends, Michelle Strothers, recalled that Stacey was upset when she last talked with her, and said that someone was attempting to hurt her.

“She also stated that Ms. English was acting out of character, and began discussing the end of the world and quoting biblical scriptures, ” the report stated.

Robert Kirk, the man from St. Louis who was visiting Stacey was stated as saying in the police report, “Ms. English had been acting peculiar and out of character and at approx. 2200 hours on 12/26/11, Ms. English began screaming in the apartment and shouting biblical scriptures, and indicating that the world was coming to an end.  Mr. Kirk also stated that Ms. English began asking him if he was satan, and stated to him that he should remove himself from her residence immediately.”

Kirk said he left and had not talked to Stacey since.

There is also a couple of other things mentioned in the police report that I  believe are personal, so I won’t repeat it, but they support the above statements.

I don’t believe that whatever has happened to these two women are connected in anyway, Regardless, there are still two woman missing, and we all need to keep an eye out for them.

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  1. Lord, God Almighty, please send your angels to help find these girls soon & safe! Their parents are hurting so badly, please God, help us find Phoenix and Stacey. Thank you, Father, in advance. My faith in you is stronger than ever. Please continue to help me live a life for you and to lead by example, so that other's will follow you! In your son, Jesus' name, Amen.

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