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Darlene Singh: Missing 14-year-old from Hayward Found

Update: Darlene was found safe Friday at a Chico mall, police said.

Darlene Singh, 14, was last seen Tuesday morning.  Her father dropped her off at school and later on in the morning she told a teacher she was sick and was going home, but instead she took a taxi to the Hayward BART station.

Her last contact was with a friend around 10:30 a.m. via a text message.

Darlene is 5’4″ tall, 100 pounds, with curly black hair and olive complexion.  She was wearing jeans and a purple sweatshirt with the word “Pink” on the front.

If you have any information about Darlene, please call 510-293-7272. 

Darlene’s Facebook page

9 thoughts on “Darlene Singh: Missing 14-year-old from Hayward Found

  1. Her description some places say White. Umm, no. I know black people who are lighter than her and are mixed with white and they aren't considered white. An inaccurate description like this will only confuse people trying to look for her.

    Hope she gets home safe.

  2. she must be ready to give some explanations……been hard for the family and friends

  3. darleene I dont even know you but was worried sick from what your aunt told me, I am so glad your safe

  4. I should add she described you as a very nice person and had nothing but nice things to say about you.

  5. what happened ?? where was she?? how come she didnt notify the family about her whereabouts??

  6. these details are being made public to protect her abilty to reintegrate back into normal day-to-day life as seemlessly as possible. it is not our business. we helped to bring a young teen home and that is what is important and only that. great love to all that helped prayed and cared!

  7. she was found in Chico mall according to Hayward PD. Apparently she had no empathy for her parents because it came out later that she left her school announcing she was sick. And that she was going home. Instead took cab to the Hayward Bart Station to Oakland. Here search is organised to look for her in Oakland when she's shopping with god know who in Chico. Although I'm glad she's alive and safe, this girl seriously needs a reality check from her parents.

  8. Would'nt be the first punjabi girl who runs away from heavy handed parent's, and won't be the last.
    I guarantee she would not have run away if she was a punjabi boy.
    Party on Darline, thank's for wasting everyones time.
    Maybe you would be happier at Maraou, your high school is pretty trashy, I'd get sick of going there also.

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