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Bradley Clark: Missing from Texas Found

UPDATE:  Montgomery County Police Reporter

“MISSING PERSON UPDATE: Bradley Keith Clark has been found!”

Bradley Keith Clark, 32, was last seen mid February at 20704 Pin Oak New Caney, Texas in Montgomery County.

Tattoos: Children’s Names Tattooed on arms & chest, upside down smiley face with bullet through head on arm, lightning bolt on leg. Brad is 6 ft tall, 160 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes 

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 936-760-5800.

5 thoughts on “Bradley Clark: Missing from Texas Found

  1. Wow I have 3 tattoos and i have my head on straight… I can't beleve that your say because a person has tattoo means they are wild and crazy

  2. Ok enough from anonymous about the tattoos. ACCORDING TO GOOGLE APPROX 40% of the adult population in the US has at least 1 tattoo. Does that mean that almost half the population should expect to disappear at some point? Wouldn't that percentage include some ppl you are close with too? It is my opinion that nobody deserves to disappear. Whether they have tattoos, piercings, or even a high risk lifestyle. i am going to pray that your family and friends stay safe regardless of their choices and your close minded opinions.

  3. Who is this idiot that keeps saying stuff about people with tattoos? Grow up!

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