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Ronnie Davis: Missing since 1977

Ronnie Odell Davis
Map of ranch

Ronnie Odell Davis, 24, grew up in Swink, Oklahoma which had a population of 82 people.

He lived with his parents and did not drink, smoke, or use drugs. His social life revolved around rodeos and teaching youngsters how to rope.  He had a job at a nearby Weyerhaeuser company and money in the bank when he went missing.

Ronnie was in the corral tending the horses on August 24, 1977.  Two witnesses came forward and said they had seen Ronnie jump into the back of his 1975 pickup while two men stood by.  They also saw a blue and white Buick with Texas tags parked nearby.
Ronnie has not been seen since. 

Through various witness statements and evidence collected by law enforcement it is believed that Ronnie may have been mistakenly linked to the theft of marijuana that was being grown in the area and was killed because of it.  Family members think that the marijuana may have been stored in Ronnie’s corral and the owner found the marijuana in the corral. (See photo of news article below).

Ronnie’s pick up truck is also still missing.  It is a 1975 Ford XLT ¾ ton pickup.  White over royal blue with OK license plate 440-699.  

Up to $5,000 reward for information that leads to Ronnie’s remains

•Date Of Birth: April 23, 1953
•Age at Time of Disappearance: 24 years old
•Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 6’2″; 180 lbs.
•Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Red hair; blue eyes.
•Marks, Scars: Acne scars on his face.
•Clothing: Blue denim jeans, a blue denim shirt, and a gold watch.
•Dentals: Front tooth is silver capped.

Road where Ronnie was last seen

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