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Melissa Jenkins: Mother missing, child alone in car FOUND

2/12/15 – UPDATE:  Patricia Prue pleaded guilty in Caledonia County Court for planning and murdering Melissa Jenkins in 2012.  Allen Prue, 32, confessed to police that he and his wife, Patricia, were out hunting for a girl to “play with,” and he lured Patricia out by calling her and telling her he was stranded in their car that had broken down, and needed help.  Melissa was acquainted with Allen after he had snow plowed her driveway in the past.  Melissa put her 2-year-old son, Ty, in the car and drove to their location to help Patricia and Allen.   Ty apparently witnessed his mother’s strangulation and tried to tell police what happened by pulling on his neck, according to court documents.  The St. Johnsbury couple are being charged with second-degree murder and improper disposal of a body.

UPDATE:  A body that may belong to missing Danville, Vermont woman,  Melissa Jenkins, may have been found in a shallow river. The Vermont State Police Detectives located an area off of Comerford Dam Road in the Town of Barnet that was disturbed.  Upon further investigation, detectives located a body of a young adult female. The body has been taken to the medical examine in Burlington for identification and to determine the cause of death.


Original story:  A few years back, there was a case very similar to this one, where a baby was found alone in the back seat of a car that was still running and her mother, Krista Dittmeyer a waitress from New Hamshire was missing.  After searching for her for several days, she was found in a pond in a wooded area near where the car was found.  Three men were arrested for her murder, which turned out to be over drugs.

Now we have another woman that has gone missing and her child was alone in the car.  Let’s not assume that this is the same circumstances though.

Melissa Jenkins, 33, of Danville, Vermont is missing.  Her 2-year old son was found alone in her Suzuki Grand Vitara, late Sunday night.

The car found on Goss Hollow Road in St. Johnsbury, which is not far from her home.

A friend reported Melissa missing around 11:30 p.m. Sunday, March 25, after she had not heard from her for three hours.  The friend went looking for her and found her car.

A search by police found evidence from the scene “to indicate that Jenkins’; disappearance is potentially suspicious.”

Melissa teaches science and coaches girls’ basketball at St. Johnsbury Academy and waitresses part-time at the Creamery Restaurant in Danville.

Jenkins is described as 5’4″ tall, 130 pounds with blonde hair and hazel eyes.

If you have any information on this case, please call the Vermont State Police at 802-748-3111.

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  1. The body they found is her and the story is horrible. Her 2 year old son witnessed her being strangled. Hard to imagine anyone could be so awful.

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