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Heather Hodges: Missing from Virginia

When authorities went to the home in 2012 with a warrant, they found evidence of a “violent event.”  No one has been arrested in Heather’s case nor has she been found.

Heather Hodges has been missing for two weeks from Rocky Mount in Franklin County Virginia.  She was last seen by her boyfriend, Paul Jordan, 39, at the house they share on Shady Lane in Rocky Mount around 10:30 p.m. on April 9.

Jordan said he left the house for about 10 minutes to go and get Heather ice cream from the Diary Queen, and when he got back Heather was gone.

Heather did not take any of her belongings, including her cell phone and purse nor her car.

Heather has made no contact with her family nor two year old daughter for two weeks.

Heather has blonde hair and blue eyes, she is 5’1″ tall and weighs 100 pounds.  If you have any information about her whereabouts, please call the sheriff’s office at 483-3000.

5 thoughts on “Heather Hodges: Missing from Virginia

  1. missing not… I think something awful happen to Heather by the hands of someone she thought loved her.

  2. i think they need to look at the bf a little closer. he beat her mom up 5 days before she disappeared and he admits they had been arguing that day. so they get into an argument and he just all of a sudden decides its a good time for icecream? and why wouldnt she go with him to get it? it just doesnt add up.

  3. I saw on another site staying he said he “ran an errand to a Dairy Queen to get her a Blizzard, to satisfy a sugar craving she was having.”

    Too much irrelevant information. He's lying. But we already knew that from when she disappeared in the 10-minute window of his absence. This guy's a narcissist/psychopath.

  4. It sounds a whole heckuva lot like the BF is up to something suspicious. Either he did it, or, as in the case of the 'Bedroom Basher' the BF really did leave and then a stalker broke into the house and abducted her. But that's highly doubtful. I wish we knew more details like:

    Sign of forced entry…if so, where was the point of entry?
    Sign of a struggle inside the house…
    Is BF cooperating to satisfaction of authorities? If not, is he a person of interest?
    Do they live anywhere near an interstate?
    Were she & her BF really swingers? If so, who had they had contact with regarding these activities?

    This is just suspicious through & through. I'm leaning toward the BF though.

  5. I would bet anything that the b/f killed her in a moment of rage. Look at his facebook page, it's full of threats. Listed under Scooter Jordan. Cops do not think any crime has been comitted! What the hell kind of rinky dink town is this?

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