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Linda Gale Reed: Mystery surround disappearance of woman from Mississippi FOUND

UPDATE: October 25, 2012 – Linda Reed has been found in Longview, Texas and has been arrested for embezzlement.

UPDATE: October 25, 2012 – Linda Reed has been found in Longview, Texas and has been arrested for embezzlement.

In an exclusive interview with KLTV,  Reed has been working as a contract employee for a company in Texas called Walton’s Automotive, doing the books.  But, her co-workers say something was not right about the woman who was taking care of their books.

She was hired, but a friend of Linda said that Joe Walton, the owner, could not do a background check on her.

“I couldn’t do a background check simply because she was in the process of a divorce from an abusive husband and she was hiding from him,” Walton says.

Then Lori Bess, who was training to take Reed’s place noted that “things just didn’t add up,” so Bess went home and Bess says she went home and Googled “Linda Reed.”  Bess then called the authorities, after she found that she had disappeared from Mississippi, then later suspected of embezzling money from where she worked.

“We do know there is over $20,200 missing out of the petty cash fund,” said Copiah county Sheriff Harold Jones.

“I would have never thought she was capable of staging this. We were stunned. We were shocked. We apologize to the family. We were not harboring her,” says Walton.

Walton stated he did not feel Reed took any money, but it was a huge relief she was discovered.

Last week Reed was listed as “wanted” after thousands of dollars were discovered missing at her former Mississippi employer, Moore Fabrication.

UPDATE:  The search for Linda Reed may take a turn today when Shannon Moore of Moore’s Fabrication’s will be meeting with state and federal law enforcement authorities regarding their books.  Linda Reed was the accountant for Moore’s Fabrication since 1999, and now the company is worried she may be missing because she took money from the company.

According to the owner of the company, Shannon Moore, Linda had almost total control over the business finances, including check-writing authority.

“I trusted her completely there,” he said.

But after Linda went missing, Moore said he noticed discrepancies in his books.  He decided to call in local authorities to look over the books also.

Previous story:

Linda Gale Reed, 65, was last seen on security footage leaving a Walmart in Mississippi around 9:30 p.m. on April 29, 2012.  She has not been seen since.

Linda went to Walmart in Hazelhurst to pick up some things and then told her coworkers that she was heading back to Walmart because she forgot to pick up some thing, the first time she was there.

Coworkers at Moore Fabrications, a metal fabrication plant in Gallman, found the parking area locked from the outside of where Linda has her trailer at the plant.  So, they know she never returned from her trip to Walmart.

Linda’s SUV was found in Crystal Springs in the woods off the side of I-55.  Inside the car was her purse, credit cards and about $60.00 cash.  They also found a tooth from partial dentures that she wore.

A blanket was found outside the car along with Linda’s cell phone and her reading glasses.

There was no tire tracks beside her cars and no sign of a struggle inside the car o out.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Linda, please call1-800-CRIME-TV.

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