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Linnea Lomax: UC Davis student missing Found

UPDATE:  Sept. 8, 2012  –
Sacramento County Coroner Greg Wyatt said Friday night that remains found earlier in the day along the American River are those of Lomax, reports Ventura County news.

The Sacramento Bee reported that a search teams located the remains in dense brush.
Wyatt said in a statement that the cause of death is under investigation but foul play doesn’t appear to be a factor.

UPDATE:  July 7, 2012 – The sheriff dept. has changed Linnea’s disappearance to voluntary, and it was turning over the case to the Lomaxes’ home jurisdiction because there’s no evidence the missing woman was the victim of foul play in Sacramento County.

“The circumstances of this case suggest that Linnea Lomax is, by all accounts, voluntary ‘missing’ and choosing to stay away from friends and family,” the statement said.

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Linnea Lomax, 19, of Placerville was last seen Tuesday afternoon at an out-patient facility on Howe Avenue, because she had a breakdown while studying for finals at the University of California, Davis.  When she was upgraded to out-patient she left.

“She’s a brilliant, bright young woman, a 4.5 student,” said Julie Warren a friend of the family.

She has been seen Wednesday at Loaves and Fishes shelter and on Del Paso Boulevard in Sacramento.

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Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos said they consider Linnea to be at risk and if you have any information or see her to contact the Sheriff’s Dept. at 916-874-5115.

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  1. Actually, there have been no confirmed sightings, she is classified as Missing At Risk on the DOJ website and by El Dorado County Sheriff. Klass Kids is now involved with the search.

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