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Searching for Steven Dadasovich by Larry an advocate for Steven

There are people out there that take on a missing case and end up becoming an advocate for that case.  For years they spend their spare time digging up clues, and trying to bring attention to that missing person.  Some are family, for example Jerry Kinner searching for his missing brother Larry Baker and some are not like, Dennis Crowley for Kelsey Schelling and Dennis Mahon for Kristin Smart.  Here is Larry Teunissen’s story and he is trying to bring awareness to missing Steven Dadasovich.  
It first began in 2012 when I received this request from Larry and I posted it: 
Steven Dadasovich missing from Stockton, Calif.
 “My name is Larry Teunissen. This is about a missing person. Steven Mark Dadasovich went missing in 1981.  In 2007 I found out what really happened to Steven, since then I’ve been trying to bring him home. I know where he’s buried and every time I’ve tried to dig for him I kept getting stopped. I’m seeking the help of others so I’m trying to get my story out there. Please read my story and help bring Steven home.”
Since then, Larry has created two videos, a website about Steven, and a detailed account of what he has been doing in order to find Larry and what he has uncovered during the search.
There has kept a detailed account of all the information about Steven and what Larry has found out during his search.  Larry wants everyone to read it.   Here is an excerpt:
“My story is about my friend Steven Mark Dadasovich aka Daz. I have found out that I knew where he went missing. About twenty five years ago Daz became missing on 8-21-81. Steven was driving his Harley Davidson home any never made it.    Five weeks later is opening day of pheasant season. I was driving down Airport way and as I was going around the big bend in the road. I noticed a pile of dirt as I was pulling over to park, a pile of dirt really stood out in a Field of Weeds. I’ve hunted this part of the ditch line, while hunting for pheasant. I just happened to pull over that day. I sat there for about 20 minutes, I didn’t know at that the time what really was under that pile of dirt, but now I know the Truth about what happened that night.

Daz was coming down airport way, coming out of the big bend in the road at the same time the Farmer was coming where a collision happened. The Farmer got his cousin to bring a backhoe from the farm so he could bury Daz and his Harley Davidson. The farmer buried Daz and the bike where I had stopped that day.

When the cousin had arrived he had no idea what had happened early that morning.  When I had gone back 5 weeks later, I stood by that pile of dirt. The Farmer drove by and seen me standing there. 3 weeks later is Harvest Festival, “big thing in town” I was with my family and another couple with their children. I just got off a ride and went to sit with my wife and looking around I noticed the Farmer sitting on a bale of straw looking at me, but what caught my eye was he was giving me the middle finger. He was holding his hand on his chest with his eyes on me: I looked over my left shoulder to see if there was any one around that he was giving the finger to, just people walking around. I turned around and looked at him and he gave me the finger again. Then I looked to my right shoulder and asked my wife if the guy was giving me the finger? She looked at me and said he was. Then I looked at him and pointed to myself and he shook his head yes!! So I walked over to him and said do we have a problem? The Farmer looked at me with a big smile and said no we don’t have any problem. The Farmer thought I knew about the accident.”
Click here to read the rest of the story.  Underneath the two videos click on the  PDF file “Please read my story, Digging for Daz.” 

  • Age at Time of Disappearance: 25 years old
  • Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 6’1; 185 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: White male. Brown hair; brown eyes.
  • Marks, Scars, Tattoos: Tattoo on upper right arm of a bulls head, Tattoo on upper left arm of a eagle holding a skull.
  • AKA: Nickname is Daz.
  • Dentals: Available.

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