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Bryan Porcaro: Missing from Ludlow on I-40 Found


UPDATE:  Contra Costa Times reports that a man’s body was found on Saturday in the open desert near Ludlow but authorities are awaiting an autopsy to make a definitive identification, officials said.

The body of a matches the description of missin Bryan M. Porcaro. The body was found at about 1 a.m. a short distance away from where Porcaro’s vehicle had broken down on Monday, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Previous story:

Bryan Porcaro, 37, of Chicago, Ill. is missing after having car trouble on I-40 near Ludlow, Calif., on Sunday night, August 5.

Porcaro was traveling with his 5-month-old black labrador/poodle puppy, Ruff when his  black Volkswagen Golf broke down.  He used an emergency phone on I-40.  He drove a few more miles before he abandoned the car.

Porcaro is an account representative with Constellation Energy and was on medical leave while undergoing treatment for liver disease.

It is possible Porcaro stayed at the Ludlow Hotel.

Porcaro is 5’10” tall, 200 pounds with brownish-red hair and green eyes.  He has a tattoo on one arm and another on his calf. 

If you see Bryan, please call 760-256-4838.

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