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Loretta Gates: Missing from New York Found

UPDATE:  Sept. 8, 2012 -Authorities have confirmed that the torso recovered from the Niagara Gorge below the Horseshoe Falls belongs to Loretta Jo Gates and was confirmed by DNA testing, the Erie County Central Police Services Forensic Laboratory reported to the Buffalo News.

“It is disturbing, and we don’t have any indication on a motive at this time,” said Niagara Falls Police Capt. William Thomson ,who encourages anyone who may have seen or had contact with Gates before her disappearance early on Aug. 26 to contact detectives at 716-286-4553.

Gates’ death is classified as a homicide.

UPDATE:  September 6, 2012 – Police have recovered a torso in the Niagara River.  The family believes it may belong to missing Loretta.  Initial investigation said the victim was a white female between 31 and 55.

“They told my mom and dad that hopefully she’ll come home tomorrow, or the next day. But they told them to prepare for the worst because of what happened, that things match up,” said Lisa Gates, Loretta’s sister.

The family told News 4’s that the torso had a belly-button piercing that had closed up, Loretta had one as well and the torso had a cesarean scar and Loretta has had a cesarean during at least one of her pregnancies.

DNA will be used to confirm identity.

Previous story:

Loretta Gates, 30, has been missing since August 25.  Loretta lived with her mother and she has three children.  Loretta works as a supervisor at a model agency in Cheektowaga, N.Y.

State Police have subpoenaed the cell phone records of Gates, to see who she may have spoken to the night she disappeared, reports WIVB news.

Loretta, who lived with her mother, left on August 25th for a store across the street and that was the last time she was seen.

Thursday would have been Loretta’s  youngest’s first day of kindergarten. Loretta’s father Art Gates said, “First school year, she would have wanted to be there so bad.”

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9 thoughts on “Loretta Gates: Missing from New York Found

  1. First I will admit this site is a good idea to spread word further of missing persons to broaden the chances of someone knowing something that will lead to either finding them alive or even if they are deceased to at least give family/friends some sense of piece,however that being said whoever posts/updates these cases should make sure they post accurate posts.. in your last update u stated Loretta was last seen. Aug.26,when in fact it was around 11pm on 8/ 25 she left her moms apt where she also lived. and in the part that is the “previous story” it. states that she was 35, Loretta just turned 30 on. 7/12.. and I know all this info for a fact because she is/was my cousin…

  2. Who are u?? I find it a bit funny that out of hundreds maybe thousands of cases on here next to none have comments on them, yet u felt the need to comment,and just made a profile this month,and don't even have a name on your profile.. I commented because she was my cousin and whoever originally posted the info had things wrong so I corrected them,but u seem to want to keep yourself nameless,that is suspicious to me,if u don't answer who u are,I will show this to the police and can trace it right to the exact location and computer used, so I suggest u respond and it better be a damn good explanation, I'm not kidding in the slightest…..

  3. What is going on? You are yelling because someone put an update about Loretta Gates or is there something else I am not seeing? I don't think you will be getting a response as “JustSoUKnow” probably won't see your post.

  4. Many people leave comments to help keep the cases up to date, and it is appreciated. I don't believe that JustSoUKnow meant anything but to help.

  5. I find it very suspicious considering the circumstances surround my cousins horrific murder… and no there are not “lots of other comments” by other people on other cases,I went quite a bit through this site and few have actual comments in the comment section near the bottom,that does not include the ” Updates ” when someone is found one way or another… police find it suspicious as well and are looking into it as I type….

  6. No one understands what you are “trying” to say. What are you inferring? Please tell the police they can call us anytime to speak to us. We welcome there questions.

  7. I am saying that with this case absolutely NOTHING should be looked over…. and its not you the police are looking into,unless you are the one that left the very first comment on this profile of her disappearance and horrific finding of viciously torn apart body parts??? And I don't believe it was you… and unless you have been through something like this (Loretta was my cousin,my best friend ) u wouldn't understand my need to leave no stone unturned ….

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