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Holly Womack: Mother of missing daughter tells her story Found

 UPDATE:  From Holly’s mother:  “Holly has been found and we are so thankful, yes, there has been a crime committed and there is a criminal investigation going on now. We will not and can not speak of details. The attorney is for her son Jonah whom she has not spoken with yet, because her ex-husband will not let her. That is why she needs an attorney.”

Holly Womack aka Holly Elischer has been missing since Oct. 4th from Gary, Indiana.

Per Holly’s mother, “On Oct 2nd her ex husband called threatening to kill Holly after fearing for his safety.  Holly’s mother called Gary Police Department and they went and got her and she spent the night in the police station.  The next day they made arrangements for her to go to a domestic violence shelter, the police took her to the wrong shelter and let her out.  When she got to the door she was refused.  She ended up spending the night in a Gazebo in downtown Gary.  I talked with her the next morning and she was going to charge her phone. That is the last that I have talked with her.”
Holly is 30-years-old, has brown hair, blue eyes, 5′4″ tall, 300 pounds, and is bi-polar
Lt. Lawrence Wright with Gary PD is handling her case, but also have involved the FBI.
Contact information for Lt. Wright is 219-881-4736 email is

Case # 12G069658

5 thoughts on “Holly Womack: Mother of missing daughter tells her story Found

  1. Now I see why you don't have any followers you don't even know the whole story. why not contact me her ex and i will tell you what really happened.

  2. Hello, I am Holly's sister. Holly is still missing and as of today we have no more information than we had the day she was reported missing. No phone records, no financial records. I dont understand the delay. Why would it take three months to see where her disability money is going every month. Legal officials get phone records back in days. There is nothing false about this write up. There is so much more the readers don't know regarding the history but what is in this post is true. If any previous commenters have anything to say about what happened to her then you should be telling the detective.

  3. Kellie, thank you for posting your comment. If there is anything you would like to ad, just let us know. Anything that we can do to help bring notice to Holly, we would be glad to do.

  4. I believe this woman, Holly, was found safe in April 2013. She somehow turned up a day after a court hearing involving custody of her son – was that a coincidence? I have not been able to find out where she was, if she was held captive, how she managed on her own without money or a place to stay. Was someone helping her hide? I am glad she was found but I think a lot is missing from the story.

    Families always want to give out a lot of info when a loved one is missing, understandably but it seems odd that they never seem to want to give those of us who worried and prayed and helped any news updates or closure…

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