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John Fowler: Retired Travel Film Producer missing in California

John Fowler, 85, has been missing since Aug 21, 2012.  He was last seen near his home in the 200 block of Scodie Avenue in Kernville, California near Bakersfield.

John Fowler who lives with his wife, Priscilla, 84, was a postal carrier for 12 years.  After earning $75.00 in 1967 for his travelogue film he produced he quit the post office and moved to Kelly, Why., and began filming and producing nature films.  The whole family was involved with the business. Some of his footage appeared on Jack Douglas “Golden Voyage in 1968, reports the Orange County Register. He was also known for “Motion” which was filmed in Baja California.  After spending years traveling and showing their films, Fowler retired and settled in Kernville. 
Fowler left his home to walk to the post office in Kernville on that Tuesday in August but he never arrived.

At the time, authorities said he suffers from early stage of Alzheimer’s and has diabetes.

Fowler is 5 feet 7 inches tall, 175 pounds, with gray hair balding in the front, and blue eyes. He was wearing a beige hat with a brim, a white T-shirt and jeans. To report information related to the case, call the Kern County Sheriff’s Department at 661-861-3110.

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In this 1976 photo, John Fowler and his son John are pictured at their movie-editing desk in San Clemente, working on an action-sports film titled “Motion.”
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