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Dominic Fricano: Missing restaurant owner from Ohio Found

UPDATE:  Dominic Fricano of Lima, OH has been found. He was located in Arizona. He was severely dehydrated and hadn’t eaten in about a week. He is now reunited with his family.

Previous story: A search by the Northeast Indiana Search and Rescue, Inc. for Dominic Fricano from Lima, OH, will be on Sat, the 15th 12 Noon until dark.  Volunteers should meet at Stadium Park, Delphos, OH, at the end of Canal Street. Dress for the weather and wear bright colors if possible, or bring a safety vest.

This following was submitted:

“Dominic Fricano was owner of an Italian eatery called Viva Maria at the Lima, OH mall with his wife, Susan. He was last seen on Friday, November 30, 2012. He left his business at approx 11 a.m. to run a bank deposit at the nearby Chase Bank. He never made it to the bank. Unfortunately, the mall does not have any outside cameras. He told his female employee that he was leaving to do the bank deposit, “errand” and then would return to start making pizzas for the lunch hour. After approx 10 min.,  his employee called his cellphone to check on his whereabouts. He didn’t answer. A few minutes later, he was phoned again, this time his cellphone was turned off. Authorities have traced the ping to a cellphone tower in Delphos, OH at approx 11:27 a.m.

Dominic was last seen wearing black jeans, black leather jacket, button up shirt, and a white Cincinnati Bengals baseball cap. He has brown eyes and black hair, with facial hair as seen in the above picture, left photo. The right photo is how he has looked in the past. He was driving a 2004 Chevy Express Van, cargo type, as illustrated in the above flyer. His van did not have side windows, only rear view. He is 55 yrs old, approx 250 lbs, 5’11 “.  License plate # FFW-1301. The rear view mirror was missing and a screw  was placed where the mirror was to be. Hanging from this screw was a necklace that contained a Christmas light bulb charm. His wife, Susan states there was only enough gas in the van to get to Ft. Wayne before having to fuel up.
I have known Dominic for many years. His #1 priority is his family and very dedicated to his business. He works from open to close shift, then returns home, and continues this same pattern daily. He has been married for 22 yrs and has a daughter and son.  Please post this flyer anywhere possible and spread the Missing Persons Report on his behalf everywhere you can. The only lead investigators have at this point is the cellphone ping. We are all praying for a safe return home.”
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