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Nunzio Izzo: Missing from Long Island Found

UPDATE:  The body of Nunzio Izzo has been found in Glen Cove on Thursday, reports Nassau Police.

Edward Brown, 46, was arrested at his home on 5 Madeline Place on Thursday for second-degree murder of Izzo.

Police did not say where the body believed to be Izzo’s was found, but said it showed “severe trauma.”

Previous story:

Nunzio Izzo, 56, from Glen Cove, New York was last seen Dec. 17, after leaving the home of a friend in a taxi.

Nunzio Izzo’s six nieces and nephews, who range in age from 16 to 29, have been frantically searching for him, posting messages on Facebook, making and hanging posters around the city and driving and asking around for any sign of their uncle, Lorenzo Izzo told the Long Island Newsday.

Nunzio Izzo does not drive and calls for a taxi or takes a bus or rides with friends.  His usual routine is him going to Dunkin’ Donuts, and/or picking up prescriptions at CVS and/or hanging out at Italian social clubs, the family said. Though he is limited physically and relies on a pacemaker for his heart, Izzo has no mental disabilities, Bocchino said.

The family has not been able to reach Izzo by phone and his voice mail box is full, Bocchino said.
“It’s a baffling case. He just kind of up and disappeared,” Glen Cove Det. Lt. John Nagle told the Long Island Newsday.

Anyone with information about Izzo should call Glen Cove police at 516-676-1002.

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