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Kathlyn McMasters: Missing Pennsylvania woman Found

Photo: N/A, License: N/A UPDATE:  Kathlyn has been found.  Lackawanna County detectives were at a home on 521 Quincy Avenue in Scrantonto follow up on McMasters disappearance when they saw Mears drive by in a Jaguar, with McMasters in the passenger seat.  When Mears saw the police he led them on a high-speed chase through the city as Mears swerved between vehicles and ran stops signs before entering I-81 south in Dunmore, reports the time-tribune.

The authorities lost sight of Mears, but spotted McMasters standing at an intersection.  She explained that she had jumped form the car when Mears said he was not going to be caught.

At one point the car was stopped by a detective who hit the rear of the car as it crossed into oncoming traffic trying to re-enter the freeway.  Mears put the car in reverse and collided into a police car and continued south on I-81 until he crashed into a pickup truck that caused him to slide off the side of the ramp, the report said.

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Previous story:  Kathlyn Marie McMasters, 22, of 115 Woodside Drive,  in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania was last heard from on Jan. 9, 2012.  She told her family that she was sat 114 Willow Street in Dunmore.  Then she said she was at 827 Main Street in Dickson City with a man named Nicholas Mears, according to police.  last contacted her family Jan. 9 stating she was at 114 Willow St. in Dunmore, or at 827 Main St. in Dickson City, with a man named Nicholas Mears, police said.

Kathlyn’s cell phone number has been changed and her Facebook account deactivated, and she has had no further contact with her family.  Authorities went to both address and no one was there and Mears did not live in either home. 

McMasters is described as a white female, standing 5″6′ tall and weighing 120 pounds with shoulder-length, brown hair and green eyes.

Anyone with information on Ms. McMasters of Mr. Mears’ location should contact police at 342-9111.

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