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Colter Dallman: Missing from North Dakota Found

Colton Dallman

UPDATE:  Colter’s body has been found south of Fargo.  Police state he left a suicide note.  Bismarck Tribune Obituaries

Colter Dallman, 27, from Fargo, North Dakota has been missing since Jan. 4, 2013. Colter was reported missing to Fargo police by his mother, Carolyn Woodruff, 58, of Beulah on Monday.

She said she called him to see how he was doing after the storm and the phone calls went straight to voice mail.

When she went to his home she saw credit cards and money on his dresser and he had not taken any suitcases or his medication.

“It looks like he just went out to do something or get a bite to eat and never came back,” she told WDAY6 news.

Dallman’s cellphone was last used Jan. 9 near Horace, according to the police.

Dallman is about 5 foot, 10 inches and 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. His car, which is also missing, is an olive green Infiniti G20 with a spoiler and sunroof, North Dakota license plate HAX410, Woodruff said.

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