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Phylicia Thomas: Missing from Pennsylvania since 2004

In 2010, a human skull was found in the woods of Hunlock Township in Pennsylvania.  The remains turned out to belong to Jen Barsiloski, 18, a teenager that went missing in 2001. 

In the summer of 2012, another human skull was found 15 miles from there, and the Thomas family are urgently waiting to hear if it is their family member, Phylicia Thomas.

Phylicia, 22,  left her home in Lake Township, Luzerne County Pennsylvania, around midnight on Feb. 11 and she hasn’t been seen since.

Police said the two cases may be connected but the only connection between the two women are they both knew Steve Martin of Ross Township. 

Martin was never charged due to lack of evidence, despite multiple police searches at his home.  He also denied he was the  last person to see them alive and was not involved in their disappearance.  Martin hanged himself in prison while he was there on a vehicular homicide charge.

Police said it would be 3 to 6 months before the DNA results come back. 

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