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Frederick Dunn: Missing from New York Found

UPDATE 2/23/13 – Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said that Frederick’s body was found at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday near Lake Ontario, just 500 yards east of Dutch Street Road.

Dunn’s car was found at the end of Dutch Street Road Wednesday night.

No foul play was suspected.

Previous story:  Frederick Dunn, 48, a music teacher at the North Rose-Wolcott School in Wolcott, New York was last seen at Bob’s Big M around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Police say he left the the North Rose-Wolcott School where he was running a play practice for students, and told them he needed to run an errand. He left, then never came back.

Sheriff’s Deputies located Dunn’s car around 8:30 p.m. at the end of Dutch Street in the Town of Huron, which is a dead end road.

Snow has covered the area and police were unable to use helicopters to search fro Dunn. 

Police do not suspect foul play in his disappearance. They’re hoping to expand that search effort Friday morning.

 Dunn has been a teacher in the North Rose Wolcott School District for the last 27 years.  The musical has been put on hold until Dunn is found.

8 thoughts on “Frederick Dunn: Missing from New York Found

  1. He may have not felt well and got out of his car and had a heart attach. He could have committed suicide, but they usually state that.

  2. Or he may have been car jacked or met someone and had a heart attack and they threw him in the water or aliens…. godzilla…. maybe he wanted to try a polarbear swim. speculation at this point isn't productive.

  3. I'm not this person was dear to me. I don't want any rampant speculation as it would hurt the family and isn't respectful. Let's wait for the facts.

  4. It's not polite to speculate. I knew this man, and it's a very sad and tragic time for our community. He was the kind of person who would give a ride to someone in need, or listen, encourage, etc. He was very involved in the school and his church. The whole truth will come out in time.

  5. “There's no visible signs of trauma or any signs of foul play,” per the police. That leaves that he either fell or he had a medical emergency or he committed suicide.

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