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Crystal Grebinger: Missing from Lafayette

UPDATE:  2/5/16 – The Advertiser has run an update on the story.  According to them they spoke with Crystal husband, Sean Grebinger:  “In November 2013, a man claiming to be Sean Grebinger called The Daily Advertiser from a location he said was somewhere in Brazil.During the 45 minute phone call, which was turned over to the Lafayette Police Department, the man claimed he left the country because he “no longer feels safe” in Acadiana. He said he believed his wife was alive and was living somewhere in California.

Sean is wanted on “bench warrants in Lafayette and St. Martin parishes on various charges from a traffic violation to assault on school teacher to violating a protective order filed by his wife,” reports the Advertiser.

Crystal Grebinger, 32, is missing from Lafayette, LA.  She was last seen on Feb 8, 2013.

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