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Arrest: The Latest on Hailey Dunn Case

Hailey Dunn

FOUND Missing Person Texas Hailey Dunn

Please note that this story is running in reverse chronological story.


UPDATE on Arrest 6/17/21 – Before Adkins’ arrest a DNA sample was taken from him.  A warrant was obtained to collect Adkins’ DNA on June 13.  I am curious as to what the samples were matched to.  Hailey’s skeletal remains were sadly in the water for a while before a drought exposed them. So, it is unlikely that Adkins’ DNA was matched to the remains, so what did they match to.  I am wondering if there was a sexual assault.  Remember in 2011, there were a lot of stuff taken out of the house and some of it was blankets.  Maybe the blanket was tested again recently and DNA was found, so the next logical move for the Texas Rangers was to see if it matched Adkins.  I am assuming it did and he was arrested.

UPDATE 6/14/21 – An arrest has been made in the Hailey Dunn case.  

First a quick background on the story:  Hailey, 13, went missing on December 27, 2010 from Colorado City, Texas after she left her home saying she was going to spend the night with a friend. A scent trail that was followed by dogs led to a door of a ground-floor room at the two-level Western Suite motel that opened in July, but that’s where the trail stopped.  It would be three years before skeletal remains were found in Lake J.B. Thomas in March 2013.  On April 23, 2013, authorities announced that the remains belonged to Hailey Dunn.  It would be 4 more years before she is laid to rest.

Shawn Casey Adkins, Billie’s past boyfriend has been charged with murder and there is a $2 million bond.
I spoke to Billie about it and she said, “I guess something finally came back!  They submitted so much and it was taking so long.”
Back in 2011, the police with a search warrant hauled away boxes and blankets and other items from the house.  They also took Shawn’s fingerprints and DNA.  Investigators also stated Adkins’ cell phone show him at a different location that what he told investigators.  
Billie said the authorities did not contact her about the arrest.  She reached out to them and one agency agreed to meet with her in a few days.   
The Howard County Sheriff’s Office stated they were not going to do a release of information on Shawn’s arrest.  He was arrested in Big Spring and booked in Howard County but was passed to Nolan County.  
Back in 2013, I found a video on YouTube with Shawn in it.  I thought it was significant as it showed Shawn sitting in a boat on dry land, and because of that I believe Hailey would be found in water. Turned out, she was. (See below to see  link to video).

From this point on below is all the updates I have done on the Hailey Dunn case since 2011. 

UPDATE:  1/24/17 –  Hailey Dunn’s remains will finally be laid to rest, reports KTXS.  Her remains were transferred to a funeral home in Luling.  Billie, Hailey’s mother resides in Luling.   I remember speaking with Billie, around Christmas in 2014 and she was upset at the time that she still was not able to bury Hailey after a year had past.    According to the news story an investigative crime show reminded Billie’s attorney that Hailey’s remains were still in police custody.  He spoke with Scurry County District Attorney Ben Smith and lead investigator John McDaniel and they worked to get Hailey’s remains.

UPDATE 11/12/15 – Clint spoke out to the news and asked why no one has been arrested for the murder of his daughter, Hailey Dunn.  I wonder the same, too.  I am still wondering why all these years later, no one has tracked down that boat Shawn Atkins was sitting in to see if there was any DNA evidence.

UPDATE 10/29/15 – On NewsWest9, Hailey’s dad will be on.  A small clip shows him asking for help to find who killed his daughter.  “Justice for Hailey, a Father Speaks Out”

UPDATE 7/5/15:  The home that Hailey Dunn lived in when she went missing may be torn down as there is no one living there anymore and it is falling apart stated the city.  It would cost more to fix it up that to tear it down.

UPDATE 7/3/13: A search warrant has been executed at the home of Hailey Dunn, but the Colorado City PD state that it is unrelated to Hailey’s case.  They were there to find stolen property that was connect to one of her relatives that still lives at the home.

Facebook Page

UPDATE:  6/22/13 – The Hailey Dunn Facebook page says the police has evidence that has come out regarding the case, and they just need more tips to come in.

Back in 2011, the Mitchell county Sheriff Patrick Toombs told the Colorado City Record they were waiting for evidence to come back from the Dallas computer lab.  I do not know if that is the evidence that is being talked about or not.  2011 to now would be a really long time to wait, so it may be something new.

Back in 2011, NewsWest 9 obtained court affidavits which talked about the polygraph test that Shawn Adkins took.  “…on the first two occasions upon his (Adkins) arrival, he terminated the polygraph examinations by walking out and refusing to cooperate with the investigator….”on the third attempt to polygraph Adkins, he submitted to the first stage of the polygraph and the result of the polygraph was that he was deceptive.”

When asked if Hailey would be found in Scurry County, the polygraph said he was telling the truth.


Many people on social media have felt that Billie had something to do with Hailey’s disppearance because of her actions after Hailey disappeared, her backing Shawn, and also because she, by her own admission on the Nancy Grace Show in 2011, failed a polygraph test.  Not only did she say she failed, but she said  Shawn Adkins failed also.

Billie says that Shawn failed the test first, so she volunteered to take a polygraph test, too. She quickly added that they had both been taking medication, Ativan, to help them sleep and that may have affected the results.

“They had me very faithful in that test,” said Billie. “A couple of other people have failed it. One person took it 3 times, failed it and then passed it.”

Investigators stated that the test results came back “deceptive.”

Billie says she didn’t know what to think anymore, so she asked Shawn to leave her house and he was currently staying with his grandmother.

“He was very careful and said he would go,” said Billie.

Do learn more about Polygraph tests, Read this article “What does inconclusive mean on a Polygraph Test”

UPDATE 4/25/13 – Authorities announced that the remains found in Scurry County in March belong to Hailey Dunn.  Authorities have not announced the cause of death.

March 2013 -Remains were found at Lake J.B. Thomas in Texas.  Lake J.B. Thomas was built in 1952 and was formed by the Colorado River Dam.  It was one of the only lakes in West Texas and it had plenty of water until 1970 when a drought hit the area, starting its slow shrinkage.

Over the years the lake kept losing water until in January 2012 it was at 38 percent stated a Permian Basin report.  They predicted by June of 2012 it would run out of water completely, but the city stepped in and built a pipe line to tie the Big Spring, Odessa intake into the Snyder intake to keep that from happening.

Regardless, the lake is not as full as it once was, as recently as 2011, and subsequently skeletal remains were found last week in an area that was once underwater.

If we can assume the remains were underwater up until recently, I guess it would be fair to say that the remains could have been put there by a boat.  Someone could have driven their boat out to that huge lake, and dumped a body, thinking that body never would be found.  They never predicted that the passage of time would eventually leave that area dry.

Back in January 17, 2011, I found a video on YouTube with Shawn Adkins, Billie’s live-in boyfriend and wrote up an article about it that you can read, by clicking here.  It was a bazaar video.  Shawn  is lighting a pipe and blowing out smoke and talking in a whisper.  Then the camera swirls around rapidly and you see that there is someone sitting next to him.  At first it appears as those both men are sitting in a car, maybe even a convertible, and then you realize he is actually sitting in a boat in someone’s back yard.

UPDATE March 2013 – Once again, Billie has been called by the police and notified that remains have been found.  Back in March of 2012, she was called when skeletal remains were found in Big Spring.  Those remains turned out to be a male.  Today I heard that Billie is traveling to the area.

Hailey Dunn

After searching for 4 days the police were only able to find a skull, a femur, and a one tooth that they will use to identify who it is.

Billie Jean said there was only one photo of Hailey’s teeth, so whether they can make a determination or not, I do not know. The police told Billie who told the media that the police told her there was to be no DNA. If there was only one photo they could use, why would they already state there was to be no DNA?

Where’s the boat?

When I wrote up the story, I wanted to know where that boat was.  Whose back yard it was sitting in?  I asked my readers if anyone knew the location of the boat to contact me.  I never got a reply.

As we wait for the medical examiner to identify, whose remains were found in Scurry County, I have seen a lot of people speculating throughout the internet on various media stories that it could be the remains of missing Hailey Dunn.

From my past experience following missing person cases, the police will contact families of missing persons before it gets out to the media.  They want the family prepared.  If with some certainty they believe that it is not the families missing person; meaning if they can determine by sex or clothing that it is not a particular family’s MP, then they let the family know way before the media knows.  That has not happened here.

Although you could surmise that the police should know whether they are in procession of a child or adult skull, evidently it is not that easy.  

Also, you might like to read what Hailey’s father, Clint said about the case


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