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Evelyn Gunter missing from Detroit

Evelyn Gunter, 47, from Detroit, Michigan has been missing since March 10, 2013.  Evelyn didn’t show up for work and her daughter received a text message from Evelyn’s phone saying she was going out of town to visit a friend.

On Sunday, Evelyn’s credit cards were found scattered in the parking lot of the Club Celebrity on Plymouth Road and her car was found parked near the bar. 

2 thoughts on “Evelyn Gunter missing from Detroit

  1. I keep hearing they found her it wasn't good news but she was my friend since 1979 I need to know if it is true and deep prayers to Benny, Elvin and Elevlyn's children.

  2. I worked with her at poletown, the Detroit Hamtramck plant and I met her mother first. Her mother is the one that got her in. We weren't really friends. I just hate to hear all these terrible things that can happen to anyone of us. My heart goes out to the family. God bless you all.

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