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Dear Readers,

Over the past few months there have been some big changes for Missing Persons of America (MPofA).  We have partnered with a company, I flew to Arkansas as a MP expert and appeared on a TV show on the Discovery Network, the MPofA Facebook page has doubled in size and one post reached 198,000 people in a few days.  Plus, our new ebook to help families of missing persons was published and is for sale on Amazon.  And in preparation for the growing numbers of readers that have been increasing week by week, the website is being redesigned.

What this means to you is in order to expedite this, the website will need to be moved to another host. 

Unfortunately, there are many, many followers of the website on Blogger that will not transfer over once we move, but we will be able to provide you with a new way of getting notices of new articles simply by subscribing to the website; which we are hoping that you will all choose to do.  We promise to not sell or use your email for anything else.

We are sure that you will love the new design and maybe even find it easier to get around and better to understand.  And we have new ideas like allowing you to post missing person flyers right to the website, that we think you will like.

We hope you are as excited as we are with all the new developments for Missing Persons of America, and will continue to read and share our stories.

Jerrie Dean
Chief Blogger
Missing Persons of America 


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