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Genevieve Selina Gonzales disappears after going under a canopy to get out of the rain

Genevieve “Selina” Gonzales, 19, from Springer has been missing since March 8.

Selina was with her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s mother who had an appointment at the medical facility.  Selina had walked to an area of the medical facility at the corner of 93rd Street and Bell Road in Scottsdale, Arizona where there was cover to get out from under the rain and to smoke a cigarette.  Selina’s boyfriend and his mother waited for a taxi, and when it arrived they could not locate Selina.

The two waited for Selina and after she didn’t appear they took the taxi home.  The boyfriend returned later in the day to search for her but he was not able to find her.

Selina’s father, Eugene said that she had been living with him in Springer since the sixth grade and she had graduated from Springer High School last May.  He said that Selina and her boyfriend had left for Phoenix in January to search for work. 

The Scottsdale Police Department said they are working the case and have nothing new to report in their search for Selina, reports Raton Range

Eugene also stated that there were no video cameras pointed in that direction to give the police a clue as to where she might have gone.
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