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Patrick McStay lists his reasons why he believes the McStay’s disappearance was caused by foul play

Patrick and Joey

 Patrick McStay is the father of Joseph McStay who disappeared along with his wife and two children from Fallbrook, Calif. on Feb 4, 2010.  They have been missing since.

Patrick McStay heard from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department via the media, just like everyone else, that they were transferring the case over to the FBI and they believed that the McStay family left voluntarily.

I spoke with Patrick and he wanted everyone to know why he believes that the Sheriff’s Dept is wrong and Joseph and his family’s disappearance was caused by foul play:  

1)   Leaving beloved family pets alone and at risk; one a vulnerable puppy. Not modus operandi to treat family pets in such a manner
2)   Out of character for Joseph McStay to abandon established, committed parental relationship with teenage son; Summer also invested in loving relationship with step-son
3)   Sudden abandonment of family home renovations with indications the work is to be continued short and long term
4)   Leaving house on Feb. 4 at 7:47 p.m., a normal bedtime for McStay children
5)   “Oddity of falling out of contact with family and friends”
6)   Unknown whereabouts for four days of a family’s life
7)   Person’s attempt to download business QuickBooks Pro program on Feb. 8; not initiated by McStays
8)   QuickBooks contacted for customer service and download support Feb. 8
9)   Future plans made for short term events (birthday party, sister visit); receipt signature at Ross store Feb. 4 considered suspicious by family/friends
10)  Withdrawals, via PayPal and email, of considerable amounts Feb. 6; transaction not initiated by the missing McStays. Transfer goes through on Feb. 9, the day the McStays discovered to be missing
11)  Bank account transfer initiated 2/15 was not by missing McStays
12)  E-Check payment of funds to a gmail account Feb. 18; not initiated by missing McStays
13)  Funds transfer request via gmail initiated on Feb. 24; not by missing McStays
14)  Request transfer of funds from McStay bank available March 9; not initiated by missing McStays
15)  Gmail payment of considerable amount sent to gmail account March 11; not initiated by missing McStays
16)  Considerable amount in eCheck payment on March 25; not initiated by missing McStays
17)  Another considerable amount on March 25 via eCheck; not initiated by missing McStays. Over $8,000 requested on the same day in two different transactions
18)  Attempts by person, not the missing McStays, to withdraw $2,000 from Union Bank OC on March 30. After declined, person attempted again on March 30, May 5, May 21.
19)  Attempt to transfer, since withdrawals continue to be declined, a $1,000 transfer on June 1. Seems to indicate someone trying to figure out how to access funds from account in various ways. McStay bank account closed
20)  Another two attempts on June 1 to transfer said $1,000 from an alternate McStay bank account; transfer “returned by bank: an invalid bank account number”
21)  Password changed June 2
22)  No established motive for McStays to voluntarily disappear
23)  Threat toward Summer McStay
24)  Obsession toward Summer by former relationship
25)  Former obsessed person moves close to McStays prior to Feb. 4
26)  3 felons or ex-cons involved in this case
27)   Det. Dugal says on January 3, 2011 “I think something bad happened”!
28)   Det. Dugal states that whatever happened didn’t happen in the US!

Also, I asked Patrick, wasn’t there money taken before the account was frozen?  Patrick said, “ Jerrie, in answers to your question of the money taken before anyone knew that was a total of $7K on three withdrawals (two transfers and one echeck) on Feb 6, 15 and 18th. As to the total taken out before the accounts were frozen that total was $23,345.00 in about a month.”

Claims from San Diego Sheriff’s Department the McStay adults voluntarily disappeared, taking two children with them:

1  ) Border crossing video
2  ) McStay’s search on internet for children entering Mexico
3  ) Isuzu Trooper found abandoned in parking lot near Mexico border a few hours prior to alleged border crossing
4  ) No obvious signs of foul play
5  ) “To go from a suspicious disappearance to a criminal (activity), we are not there yet”

Thank you, Patrick for allowing MPofA to reprint.

To read more about the McStay Family, just put McStay in the search box above and you will see a list of all the articles on the McStay’s.

Why did the Sheriff’s Dept. turn the McStay case over to the FBI?

13 thoughts on “Patrick McStay lists his reasons why he believes the McStay’s disappearance was caused by foul play

  1. This is confusing (to say the least). So has it ever been really VERIFIED that it was them crossing the border into mexico? If so why would they have went there? Did they have family there they could have been going to visit? Were the 3 felons “involved in this case” (26) associated in any way with the former obssessed person ?(25) (saying Former obssessed tends to imply that he was no longer obssessed btw)

    What investigators obviously fail to take into consideration is that even IF they did cross over the border, they could have been FORCED to under some type of duress. (threat of safety etc.)

    This case reads like a financially motivated homicide. (most likely involving more than one offender.) The
    individuals involved (at least one of them.) would have to have fairly intimate knowledge of the victims too.
    It's highly improbable it was just a random group of robbers who targeted them based on opportunity. There was planning involved. Someone debated over it beforehand. Gathered up the courage. Made plans etc.

    Reading about incidents like this makes me disgusted with the grossly inefficient, calloused indifference that so many in Law Enforcement display towards VICTIMS of crime.

    So, finanacially motivated homicide. More than one offender. (because of the amount of victims involved.
    its hard for one offender to control and subdue four people under any conditions. And since the vehicle was
    reported abandoned there HOURS before, it's unlikely the Vics vehicle was used to transport the bodies to the disposal site. Meaning there would be at least one other vehicle involved, of the size and capacity to accomodate 4 unfortunate victims plus whoever was driving.)

    Perhaps now that the bodies have been discovered the police and FBI will start giving a shit and show interest in the case and make some kind of arrests within the next ten years.

    (one can only hope.)

  2. The SD Sheriff Dept. is completely inept and it is frustrating. 2 other high profile cases are the ruling of “suicide” of the girlfriend of a high profile pharmaceutical company CEO after the accidental death of his 6 year old that she was watching at the time. No evidence points at suicide. The other was a recent “kidnapping” of a 16 year old after her mother and brother were found murdered. Then the “kidnapper” with whom she was well involved with was shot dead and after her “rescue” pertinent questions would not be answered. “We have to protect the “victim” “said Head of the Sheriff Bill Gore while the “victim” plastered herself all over Twitter showing no remorse over the loss of her family members and other inappropriate postings. I never felt the McStays disappeared voluntarily. The Sheriff in SD sucks.

  3. Anonymous, I think I might know the case you're referring to on the Girlfriend of the CEO, was she
    the one who was hanged from the stairway banister with her hands bound behind her back? If so, I
    remember that case and always wondered how in the HELL they could consider THAT a suicide.

  4. Wow! Agreed. I would link this site to the 10News or UT site but you have to sign up for FakeBook. What if these criminals are doing this to someone else right now? Where is the responsibility of the San Diego Sherrifs to protect us San Diegans? I forgot they are too busy giving out tickets for being on Cellphones while driving…Obviously more important to put resources and time into that!

  5. Yeah, how is it considered a suicide if hands are bound behind their back? Also, the “16 year old who's mother and brother were murdered” has reportedly been talking about making a movie or book deal? I wonder what lawyer told her and the PD not to answer any “pertinent questions” so she could make money from the whole ordeal?

  6. How about the case of LA? nearby, the talent agent on Sunset & Vine gunned down at the red light and not a penny taken, nor her purse. That's 2 Depts. not doing a good job, imo. Look at that young girl who died from an OD in her garage given to her by her “friend” who happened to be the scion of a famous Catholic University. It's very disheartening to hear these stories. How about the death of Natalie Wood, I guess the re-investigation was all for show because of so much clamor.

  7. Is it really true that Joey filed a complaint with San Diego CPS against his eldest son's stepfather, that the stepfather was abusing the child? One old website has a comment that on the day before the family's disappearance that Joey had received a letter from San Diego CPS stating that they had investigated and that they found that there was no basis for Joey's complaint?
    One old post states “Another dynamic is that Joseph had a 10 year old son (previous wife) and Joseph and Summer had been filing a CPS case against the kid’s stepfather who has a long rap sheet! Supposedly he was furious with the lies Summer was telling Child Protective Services and he was out for blood.”
    Didn’t Joey make a complaint to CPS that his eldest son was abused by the boy’s step-father. Another old website states that Joey received a letter the day before he disappeared that CPS had investigated and found no basis for the complaint even though:
    Michael James McFadden: Orange County Superior Court website shows felony convictions for: 245(a)(1) PC 7/16/1998 Pled Guilty 1/18/2000 and also a 422 PC 7/16/1999 Pled Guilty on 1/18/2000 PC 245. (a) (1) Any person who commits an assault upon the person of another with a deadly weapon or instrument other than a firearm or by any means of force likely to produce great bodily injury shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars ($10,000), or by both the fine and imprisonment.
    PC 422. (a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person, with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety, shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison.

  8. Thank you for the feedback. Is it possible or coincidental that the defendant carrying the following charges (per OC Court Case Index) has the identical name as does the step-father?
    Other charges filed against Michael J. McFadden included:
    459/460(a) PC – Burglary 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    422 PC – Assault 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    273.5(a) PC – Domestic Violence 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    12022.7(d) PC – Infliction of great bodily injury on a child under the age of five … 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    422 PC – Assault 07/16/1999 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    240 PC – Attempt to inflict violent force on another person. 07/16/1999 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    245(a)(1) PC – Assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm 07/16/1998 01/18/2000 Pled Guilty
    12022.7(d) PC – Infliction of great bodily injury on a child under the age of five… 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed
    422 PC – Criminal Terrorist Threat 07/16/1999 01/18/2000 Pled Guilty
    664-187 PC – Attempted Murder 07/16/1998 02/25/2000 Dismissed

  9. Thanks again. Whew! That would be so sad, especially for the young stepchild. Observations: MM lives on coast and would likely travel on 76 to get to Bonsall where both of the McStay's phones died out. There's amply areas to park along 76 if a party wanted to meet the McStay's (possible lured by the prospect that MM wanted to handover birthday gifts as a peace offering to reconcile a prior conflict). Noticed that an Isabelle McF also posted on various sites, usually postulating that the family went to Mexico, wonder if she was trying to figure out if a BIL might be involved??? 1. Isabelle McFadden January 10, 2012 at 2:58 pm | Permalink
    “I agree with the observation about the house having barely any furniture, 20k/ month but no furniture to make your life confortable is odd, unless this was a temporary alibi. Could they already have owned a place in Mexico? Could they have been preparing themselves knowing they would have to at some point abandon their lifes. Is she the one on the run for some innocent reason? And the aliases were to protect her? And when her husband became aware he knew he had to get his family to a safe place?
    I think that over a period of time they had been transfering income to Mexico, ready for when Summer could no longer sustain her Aliases. I disagree with those who say they are in a Surf town, when your family is in trouble you give up your passion even if it is surfing. I think they are inland where its less populated.” 1. Isabelle McFadden January 10, 2012 at 3:44 pm | Permalink “Did his son get to keep the 100k? If he did? That is your answer, he wanted his son to be taken care of and that is why he left it.” Interesting that I McF and G McF lived in Big Bear City. Is that near VV?

  10. Another Poster mentioned “It looks like prosecutors have a hard time getting witnesses to testify against Michael McFadden doesn’t it? Lots of dismissals after some really serious charges were filed.” It would be interesting to know the type of weapon that was involved in the charges for the “assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm”. Of the dismissed charges for “great bodily harm to a child less than five”, I wonder if the mother is Yvonne or Rebecca.

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