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Man goes missing in Evansville

Larry Snider, 65  is missing from Evansville, Indiana. He was last seen at his residence in the 200 block of W. Columbia St. on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.  A missing persons report was filed with the Evansville Police Department on Thursday, April 4th when it was discovered he was missing. None of his neighbors knew of his whereabouts. A search and rescue team and canine searched his neighborhood and nearby Pigeon Creek and found nothing. A federal warrant to search the transactions on his social security card (his only income) shows that his Social Security got deposited on April 3rd, like usual, and no transactions have been made since.

He doesn’t drive or own a vehicle. He uses a walker with wheels to get around. The walker is blue with a black seat and a royal blue bag on the front that says “Deaconess Home Services”. He has a history of diabetes and COPD and heart problems and the only belongings that were missing from his residence were the clothes he was wearing, a tan suede jacket, black orthopedic/diabetic shoes, his walker, his pack of cigarettes and his prescription pain medication (which was almost gone and needed refill on Thursday April 4th). His other medications were left. He has not gotten a refill on his pain medication.

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