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Daniel Landgrebe: Man goes missing train hopping across US Found

The photo Daniel took of himself.

UPDATE:  7/6/13 – Daniel is alive and well. Susanne received a call from Daniel on
Saturday night, she said she felt “totally relieved.”   He was calling her from a gas station in in Big Sky, Mont. using an employee’s cell phone. Daniel told her that he asked someone to call her 8 days ago when he knew he was going to an area where there was no phones, but the person did not do it.  Daniel plans to return home July 30.

UPDATE:  7/6/13 – Mom speaks up and says that Daniel was heading to the Rainbow Gathering.  Click here to read more about it

Previous story:  A young Iowa man who wanted to write a book about his adventures cross country has gone missing somewhere between Utah and Montana.

Daniel Landgrebe, 20, last checked in with his mother Susanne Landgrebe, from Newton, Iowa on June 24 when he told her he was in Salt Lake City, Utah.  His plans were to go north to Jackson, Montana via train hopping. 

Susanne said that Daniel left for his trip on May 25 and decided to not take any electronics with him, including a cell phone, so he could write about his travels without them.  He promised his mom he would call her every two to three days, and he had kept this promise until now.

Susanne says her son would never intentionally worry her like this.

“He has no behavioral problems, He has never done anything,” Susanne told KCCI news.  “If someone sees him, he just needs to call and let his family know that he is okay.”

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