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Terry Dewayne Smith, 11-years-old missing from Menifee Found

2014  – Skylor Atilano admitted to voluntary manslaughter in the death of his half-brother Terry Dewayne Smith.Judge Timothy Freer sentenced the teen to 12 years in juvenile detention, but under the law, he can only be held until age 23.

UPDATE:  7/14/13 – Pam Ragland is getting credit for finding Terry’s body.  Det. Powers told KFI radio that Pam found him, but what I found odd was there are two contradictory stories.  One from Powers and one from Ragland herself.

Det. Power told KFI radio that Pam “actually went right up the driveway of the house, on to the property, and right up to the body of this boy,” in actuality according to Ragland herself she was  driven around the area in an off duty LA County firefighter’s vehicle with her two children in tow, for three hours looking for Terry, until they stopped and she got out of the car and her daughter and her smelled something which turned out to be Terry’s decomposing body.

While others were searching the country side on foot for Terry, Pam Ragland and her two children (approximate ages from 10-12) were driven around in the air conditioned  off duty LA County firefighter’s truck looking for Terry.

Pam Ragland

So why is this self-named intuitive get special treatment?  Is Pam a well-known intuitive?  Is she a celebrity?  Has she solved cases before?

A search around the internet reveals several blogs with videos of Pam.  One website talks about the injustice she received from US Bank which resulted in her home being foreclosed on and asks others to email her to receive free information on how to fight against a foreclosure.  The other website is all about Quantum Thought Shifting, and you can email her to receive free information on it.

In fact here are all her websites:

Ragland’s post on her own Facebook page said she had visions of Terry, and called the tip line to tell them of her visions, when she said she was invited to come to the scene and look around.

Many many questions about what happened. Here it is:

“The visions were varied:
1) I was overcome with sadness that started it
2) I was a single picture of him laying under a single tree, on the outskirts of town, road farther away, on dirt, dirt road near, a specific building. Later my friend said I told her while driving there he was near a house but I forgot that.
3) I saw a vision of city lights & heard ‘no’
4) When people wanted to search the city I looked up, saw that same view; said ‘no-he is not there’
5)Then someone asked where he was, I turned around like a compass, said ‘behind the store’

6) Dave an off duty LA County firefighter heard me & said ‘if I drive you around could you find him?’ in that moment I suddenly knew I could  said ‘yes’
7) Dave drove us around. We kept trying to get to that area. Finally the only was was behind a home. He asked permission to drive to the back to search. We did not know it was Terry’s home. We drove then walked the rest up a steep hill toward the direction I knew to go. At the top we saw a single tree. I smelled something.
9) We looked for the source of that, eventually going inside a fence around the tree.
10) My children saw what they thought was a dead animal & the smell source. I looked & realized it was human.
11) I called Dave over, we assured ourself of what we were seeing & I said ‘We need to call the Sheriff’. We went back to his jeep &called.  That is how it went.”

Terry’s house on Helen Lane and blue dot is where Terry was found.

In the photo you can see where Terry’s body was found behind and to the left side of the house.   I don’t quite understand why Pam says they kept trying to get to that area, and the only way was behind a home, when from the map it looks like you get to it by walking to the side of the house towards the tree.

Lastly, if you are going to find a dead body, would you bring your child with you?  Never, so why did Pam?

UPDATE 7/12/13 – Some information is leaking out that Terry was killed by a blow to the head.

Also,  Det. John Powers told KFI-AM Radio he was giving credit to a volunteer woman for finding Terry.  He said she had a vision of where to find Terry. 

“She actually went right up the driveway of the house, on to the property, and right up to the body of this boy,” Powers said. “Not in 23 years have I ever seen anything like this.”

Powers said the area had already been searched, and I also saw posts from bewildered volunteers that also stated they searched there and found nothing.   So, it can’t be explained away by inept police work.  What do you think is going on?

UPDATE 7/10/13 – Authorities announced that the body of Terry Smith was found about 75 feet from his home in a shallow grave.  A juvenile, thought to be his half-brother, who was the last person to see Terry alive was arrested and charged with his death.

UPDATE 7/10/13 – It came as a shock today when remains were discovered at the home of missing Terry.

According to posts on the “Find Terry Smith” Facebook page, Terry’s mother, Shawnee Smith would not allow authorities to search the property or enter the home, so they obtained a search warrant. The search warrant was served this morning and that is when they discovered the remains.

Site of remains

There have been a lot of discrepancies in the stories, particularly the long time span between Terry last being seen and the discovery he was missing.  Shawnee, also known as Becca, stated that she saw him at home playing video games at 7:30 p.m.  When she came home she looked in and said she saw “them” sleeping, and then after it comes out that Skylor had gone to a friends then she said she looked in on Terry and it looked as though he was sleeping.

Soon after Terry went missing his mother told authorities that he was autistic, but since then Terry’s Father, Terry Dewayne Smith, Sr., and Terry’s teacher have come forward and said that he was not, but he did have ADHD.

“He is not autistic,” Smith, Sr told Menifee 24/7. “He might be a little hyper, but he has not been diagnosed autistic. I think he might be ADHD, because I believe his mom told me he got medication for that, but that’s all.”

Skylor has posted many times on social media asking for help to find his brother.  He even posted on his own Facebook page that he was aware that people did not like some of his older posts so he removed them.  Looking at his Facebook page some would call it shocking and others a normal teenager.


So far we know that the police are looking at remains that are believed to be human, one media report says.  If this is  so, then I don’t think they can be Terry’s because it would mean two things.  Skylor and Shawnee would have to both be in on it and Terry would have had to have been missing quite a while for the remains to be unrecognizable, which is impossible if he was seen last Wednesday at church.

A forensic team is still processing the scene, which is outside and near the home, a dept. spokesperson said on Wednesday morning reports

Even though rumors are crucifying Shawnee and Skylor, let cooler heads prevail. There is still no definite answer whether it is skeletal remains or a body in a shallow ditch as latest information is coming out now.   The police did call off the search, but according to the Patch they have currently suspended [the search] “while they search a home for possible human remains.”

“‘Yes they have,’ Deputy Albert Martinez said when asked whether investigators have suspended search efforts.”

Shane Stuart Saunders stated: “We searched that property and the nearby areas THOROUGHLY and multiple times. Just now finding a body? And shorts magically appearing near the market yesterday? I can’t comprehend any of this.”

I applaud the searchers for continuing their search in spite of the latest development.

Previous story:  Terry Dewayne Smith, 11, is missing from his home in Menifee, California in Riverside County.

Terry is autistic and was last seen at his home by his mother in the 33000 block of Helen Lane on Saturday.  Terry went missing between 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.  His mom, Shauna Smith went out to play pool with some friends and left Terry with his older stepbrother playing video games.  When Shauna came home she looked in on them and saw them both asleep.  When she got up the next morning to give him his medication he was gone.

Menefee is expecting temperatures to be in the 100 degree range and authorities are continuing their search.  The area is rural and has a lot of sage brush.

“Those are very rugged foothills up there.  There area  lot of rocks and areas not accessible by vehicle.  There are a lot of areas where yo might not see somebody unless you were right on top of them,” said Lt. Charlie Wilhite of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. told NBC news.

Terry is 4’8″ tall, 76 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.  He was wearing blue basketball shorts

If you have any information about Terry’s whereabouts, please call the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at 951-776-1099.

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