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Kael Johnson: Las Vegas man went missing after taking finals to become a dentist

Kael Johnson, 36, talked to his mother, Beverly on Valentine’s Day via a text message and told her he was done with his finals for that semester. 

Then Kael, per his roomate, said he was taking the 2004 Dodge Ram truck they shared to celebrate the end of classes.  Kael was seen on a surveillance video at a 7-11 taking out money around 2 a.m.   After that, nothing.  No phone calls, texts no credit card use and no contact with his roommate or mother. 

Beverly knew that her son, whose grades were A’s, planned to enroll in the next semesters classes but he did not show up to enroll. 

Then, two weeks later, the truck was located at a Las Vegas nature preserve called Wetlands Park.  Kael’s phone and wallet were found in the truck.

Another surveillance video showed the truck entering Wetlands Park at 8 a.m., but no one can say for certain who was driving the truck because of a glare on the window.  Regardless, volunteers and authorities have searched Wetlands Park for Kael.

If you have any information about Kael, please call the Metro Police at 702-828-2907. 

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  1. I find it strange that he wasn't done with exams til February when normally this is when the next semester would be starting

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