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Sean Smith: Was injured and may be wandering lost in LA County Found

UPDATE:  8/1/13 –

From Melanie:

  • ****SEAN HAS BEEN LOCATED! HE is ALIVE and we are working on getting him home. I have no further details at this time.****

    My Family appreciates all of the help that was given during these very difficult weeks. Keep helping those that are missing, Sean was recognized by someone who had seen his picture on Facebook! Thank You!

Sean’s Facebook page

“This is what we now know so far; On July 11th Sean apparently got on the wrong bus at the L.A. Greyhound station and was heading south instead of north, he was let off the bus at Bell Gardens, Ca. only about 9 miles away. His grandmother spoke to him at around 9:30pm and he was in the motel-6 lobby in Bell Gardens, Ca. he then found out that the motel had no rooms and they told him he could not hang out in their lobby, so he called his grandmother back and said he was going to find another motel (he had money at this point)

On July 12th he was treated at the Beverly Hospital in Montebello.

July 13th he showed up at the Wells Fargo bank (about 1 mile from the motel-6) he was bloody and had a lump on his head, the bank employees did not give him the last $3.00 in his acct. he was asking for, instead they took him to the Bell homeless shelter around the corner. (about 2 blocks from the bank) and again on the 13th he was at the Beverly Hospital in Montebello.

We don’t know where he was July 14th & 15th at this point.

July 16th, 5 miles away from the Bell shelter, he or someone showed up in Montebello at a Wells Fargo bank the last $3.00 was drawn out of Sean bank acct.”


If you have any information about this person, PLEASE CONTACT Josephine County Sheriff’s Department by calling (541) 474-5115 So he can be placed into Protective custody. Case #13000977

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