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Dana Bonanno: Missing from Brooklyn Found

So, after the speculations that something bad has happened to Dana, she has turned up, as quietly as she left.

 D.J. Havok posted on his Facebook page that she was “safe and sound!”    (Thanks Chelsea Hoffman) Sorry I don’t know who he is or how he is connected to Dana, but most of the comments underneath his post seem to suggest that he is telling the truth. 

AND according to D.J. Havok, “a huge THANKS to everyone who donated to the Dana Bonanno REWARD FUND…….im happy to say we will not be needing it and we are currently refunding the donations!” 

 Help find Dana Facebook

July 22, Dana Bonanno told her mother, Donna O’Conner she thought her two male roommates had been looking through her personal belongings and talking about her.
O’Connor said she told her daughter to call police if she was worried.

Dana’s mom said, “She had called me twice and texted me a little after 11, saying ‘I’m scared,’” She asked her daughter why, but the only text she received in return was “…””  (This indicates that she was writing a text back but had not sent it yet.)

Roommates told The Journal News that Bonanno left the apartment at some point during the evening, taking only her purse, and never returned.

Nick Jagger

According to one of Dana’s friends, ” Dana grew up in Stormville (E. Fishkill) and went to school in Carmel, NY. She moved to Westchester and went to Iona College. She was a para-legal for Bleakley, Platt, a law firm in White Plains. She moved to Manhattan in 2011 and began working for A and E Television Network as a para-legal until April, 2013. Dana moved to Brooklyn in 2012 and has been working on music production in her spare time hoping to make it a career move. She likes music, exercise and bike riding, animals and being with friends.”

Dana was laid off from her job at the TV company in May and she became part of a Brooklyn music crowd that hosted music events featuring house and electronic music.  According to social media Nick Jagger who is a DJ at many of these events, was Dana’s boyfriend.  He also posted a mix that is an hour long.  He posted “A mix about exactly where I want to be,” with a photo that looks like Dana on the cover.”  I am assuming he mixed it.  During the music you can hear a phone dialing and ringing and a conversation. 

Also, please note that I am going by social media posts that Nick Jagger is her boyfriend or at least a close friend.  He has posted her flyer on his page. Please note before you jump to conclusions that, just like the rest of us, he has to keep his prior obligations and go to work to earn money.  But, also in all fairness, please stop by his Facebook page that I have posted above and see for yourself if you think he is promoting parties more than his search for Dana.

There is also a fundraiser at this link for Dana.  It is being hosted by another friend, Michael Annunziata, who is the owner of Snap Music.

Please read the comments below regarding this photo taken on July 24 that was posted on Facebook:

9 thoughts on “Dana Bonanno: Missing from Brooklyn Found

  1. Who is her boyfriend? I just read that he hasn't shown any concern at all and continues to promote parties on his fb page? Hmmm, sounds a little suspicious to me. Any thoughts??

  2. XXXXXXX -Where was this taken, Jick Nagger? Looks like a long walk off a short pier to me…where was this?
    Thursday at 9:47pm · Like · 1
    XXXXXXX Greenpoint ave park during super moon with………..
    Thursday at 10:08pm via mobile · Like
    XXXXXXX Dana? Where is she…. Something ain't right….. I am bugged out her last text to her Mom was “….” Wtf
    Thursday at 10:49pm · Like
    I wanted to post the pic on the water of the bridge which is greenpoint Avenue park…
    I don't know….Just too many threads (from FB- lead me to this) and bad feelings.. Please Dear God- let her be safe. Don't know the girl- but work with domestic violence…I am saying prayers every night.. There are 3 particulars that just don't seem right. I am hoping her room mate- can help put the pieces together with the precinct. Sometimes the missing link is right in front of our faces… Praying I am wrong.

  3. I do not know who her boyfriend is but some of the threads throughout- lead to 3 particulars..I called the precinct with my concerns. They were listening- but I do hope they move faster. I am not getting a good feeling about this.. I am hoping her room mate steps up and shares her concerns- which were obvious in some of her postings…. God Bless and Please fine her safe…

  4. I found some general photo's of that park – one is panoramic and shows the industrial nature of the park. The pic. posted above has at least 3 people on the pier…if you wanted to get a picture of the Manhattan skyline from the pier – wouldn't you take it at the end of the pier?

    Technically it is the WNYC Transmitter Park – you can Google that and look at submitted photos as they don't have the pier on the map. On the page (thumbnail size) you will see two small pics 1/3 way down page. Click on the picture that looks like buildings, it will give a 360 panorama, at the bottom it says it is pic # 3 of 3, hit arrow to pic #1 and you will see the pier where that picture was taken.

    Hope it helps.

  5. Could possibly be that she had a psychotic break..maybe no one was going through her things and she is paranoid…just saying.

  6. Well i think they need to focus on all roommates and what she told mom. Because one of these people that know her knows what happened to her

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